www.amazon.com/code verification:-Go to web brower and type www amazon.com/code from a computer or mobile device.Most important is how to use code & redeem them.So, if you’ve been searching for a method to redeem your code, you can find it here. We will go over the process in detail in this article.

Register your Amazon Device using Amazon.com/code

Follow the Simple Steps to Register to Amazon via Amazon.com/mytv.follow the steps listed below:-

  • Open your web browser.
  • Click Right Now www.amazon.com/code and enter this code in the address bar
  • It’ll take you onto the Amazon sign-in window. 
  • Next Window, input your Amazon username in the appropriate slot.
  • Now, press “Next.”
  • Next, enter your password.
  • It will display a “Notification” button if the user has entered the wrong password.
  • Users will be able to modify the password or enter it again.
  • Then, click on the “Sign in” button.
  • If you do not already have an Amazon Account yet, simply click “Get an Amazon account after visiting the website, type ” www.amazon.com/code.
  • When you click the option above and click on the link, It’ll take you to the next page. 
  • In this screen, enter the required information, like your name and email address, to connect your Amazon account. Also, enter your password.
  • After you’ve completed all of the information After you’ve completed all the information, then click “Get an Amazon account.”
  •  The final step, after which You will have set up the Amazon Account.
  • Next is to sign into Amazon.
  •  The “Register your gadget” Window will appear to be displayed at the top of the screen.
  • Now enter your device’s number in the “Enter the device’s code” box.
  • Click on “slot and then click on the” Continue” option to continue with your next step.
  • To register, complete registration, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Notification Users must be aware that the steps above could be different from device to.

Device Activation Procedure With Amazon.com/code

It’s easy to Activate your device using www.Amazon.com/code from a computer or mobile device.Follow the steps below:

  1. Start your SMART-TV, and then launch Drama Store.
  2. Find and add the Amazon prime channel to the list of channels on your TV.
  3. From there, you can launch exactly the identical and different style as the ‘Registration’ option.
  4. That’s why you’re certain to see the code on your screen. 
  5. Then go to Amazon.com/MYTV within the device and sign in to the Amazon account by entering the correct login credentials.
  6. In this case, you need to input the code into your Amazon.com/code entry page.

What is Amazon Prime Code?

  1. Amazon Prime video is amazon’s streaming platform, the biggest rival to Netflix and other global streaming services. 
  2. You’ll be able to watch your favorite shows and movies without advertisements using Amazon streaming video, which is the prime.
  3. Furthermore, amazon invests a lot in its original series, which makes Amazon Prime Video even more impressive.
  4.  There are numerous devices on which you can use to Cast Amazon Prime Video. 
  5. Apart from your cell phone and computer, you’ll be capable of watching it on your SMART-TV as well. 
  6. Below is the list of devices that are eligible for Amazon Prime movies:

How to set up Amazon Prime Discount Account?

  • Customer satisfaction is essential for any business.
  •  By offering amazing deals and coupons for shopping free, Amazon draws more customers to its site.
  • If you’re seeking how to create your Amazon prime account to take advantage of the most advantageous deals possible through www amazon.com/code and, try one of the options listed below.

For Android and iOS Users:

  •  Go to the app store or the play shop to install and download the Amazon App.
  • After installation, you can create an Amazon account.
  •  Click on the slider located at the top left corner of the screen of your phone.
  • Hit on Try Prime and then Press subscribe button.

For Non-App Users:

  1.  Open the Amazon website from the web browser on your tablet, smartphone, or personal computer.
  2.  Click sign up and follow the instructions to create an Amazon account by going to www.amazon.com/code.
  3. Go to my account and go to Amazon prime to sign up for it.
  4. Then click on deals to view the exclusive deals and coupons that are exclusive to those who subscribe. 
  5. The best part is that the initial month of an amazon prime subscription is free for all users. 
  6. With it, users will have access to speedy and convenient delivery at their doorsteps as well as premium entertainment, including seasons, movies, and millions of songs and games too.

www.amazon.com/code Firestick Setup

  • Amazon Firestick is a streaming video device that connects to the HDMI port on any TV and transforms into a smart TV. 
  • To allow you to access Apps such as Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, or Hulu from your normal TV. 

To set up your Amazon Fire Stick via www.amazon.com/code, You need to follow the steps below:

  1. The one side of your Amazon Fire Stick with the power supply and the second using the HDMI port on your television.
  2. Now turn on your TV and choose the channel corresponding to the port you put the Fire Stick in or switch it to the AV mode.
  3. Hold the Home button on your Fire Stick remote for 10 seconds to connect it to your TV.
  4. Now, connect your Firestick to Your Home Wi-Fi Network.
  5. After that, log in to your Amazon account using amazon.com/code or make a new account if you don’t have one.
  6. After that, you will find a code on your screen.
  7. You can write it down with an eraser, and then you can open amazon.com/code on a second device.
  8. Log into your Amazon account, then enter the code you recorded earlier.
  9. Follow the screen instructions until the very end.
  10. After that, pick one of the options you’d like to start streaming using Amazon Fire Stick.

www.amazon.com/code Music:Activate Amazon Prime Music

Suppose you’d like to utilize Amazon Prime Music on your device or want to activate the service on your phone. 

Follow the instructions below:

  • First,Download and install Amazon Prime Music on your device through the App Store.
  • Then click Sign-in to log into your Amazon account.
  • If you don’t have an account, you can set up your own Amazon Account by simply clicking the link: “Create a New Account.”
  • After logging in, you’ll get an activation number on the screen of your device; note it down.
  • Next, you can open Amazon.com/code Music or use amazon.com/us/code music link on the internet browser on a different device.
  • Log in to your Amazon account, and then enter the code that you have written down earlier, and click “Activate.”
  • Now, your Amazon Prime Music is Activated, and you can stream unlimited music any time.

What do I need to know about enabling Amazon Prime Music via Echo Dot through your smartphone?

If you’re unable to join Amazon Prime Music (primevideo.com/MyTv) and cannot play the music, the echo dot may not be functioning.

 Follow these instructions for being in a position to connect to Prime Music songs:

  • Before anything else, make sure that the Amazon Echo is connected to your mobile phone using the reverberation dab software.
  • After that, sign in to Alex Dot’s Official Echo Dot application.
  • Log in to the account you created on your Amazon account, and then navigate “Settings” to access the Echo Dot application.
  • This is an alternative known as the “Link New Service “option, accompanied by An”+” Sign.
  • Click on”+” to activate the “+” Sign.
  • Then, a menu will be displayed, with a range of options.
  • Thus, choose “Amazon Prime Music “From the list that which deleted.
  • Click on Amazon prime to enable it.
  • It’ll then direct you to the subsequent screen, which will include the activation number.
  • Then, visit www.amazon.com/code or amazon.com/code roku music any of your favorite web browsers.
  • Now you can sign in to Amazon through your sign-in page. 
  • Create an account for the first time with Amazon Account by clicking “Create a brand new account.”
  • Once you’ve completed the login procedure After you’ve completed the login process After logging in, the “Register device” Window will show up in your browser.
  • It is necessary to enter the Echo Dot Prime Music Activation Code, and then you’ll need to click “Continue.”
  • The echo dot is now able to play music using Amazon Prime Music.
  • You can register your Amazon device. To stream tracks on the Echo Dot, you can enable Amazon Prime Music.
  •  Contact Amazon customer service in case you have any problems.

The best way to receive your registration code for www.amazon.com/Code

  • To find the Amazon registration code that will allow you to access www.amazon.com/Code, you must follow the following steps.
  • Plugin your equipment or switch on SMART-TV.
  • Look to The Amazon Prime Video program.
  • Click Register to join the Amazon Site.
  • You’ll be able to locate your activation code on the following screen.
  • You must have your code noted and search for amazon.com/code and enter this code.


  •  we have discussed in the above blog about Amazon.com/code Process.
  • We have explained the registration process to amazon.com/code verification process. 
  • In our blog above, we have explained the procedure for activating different Amazon Subsidiaries.
  • I hope this blog will help you a lot in solving your issue 

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