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If you are in a search of a platform where you can post anything about your feelings without having any fear of deletion of posts or getting hated by others. As we all know many other social media platforms are too restricted that if you post anything that is going to spread hate in a society they will get your post from their social media app. For such type of situation, the Wimkin app/site is best they allow you to post anything via there platform, they will never get your post down.

What Is Wimkin?

Wimkin is a recently created social media platform. It is developed by Jason Sheppard. After research a few days, I noticed many people giving a review that Wimkin is an ideal social media platform. It is getting fame day by day because it allows you to post anything without getting worried that your post will be deleted. It is a very User-friendly platform, recently they also had published an app for both IOS and Android.

There is very turbulence in previous days for the freedom to ask on a social media platform. People thought that they are getting restricted among those sites which do not allow to speak them freely and allows people to post content under their conditions and policies. That is the main reason for the popularity of Wimkin, because it allows you to raise your voice against any circle without having a fear of being deleted.  Nowadays, Wimkin has got a lot of popularity in the United States.

What You Have On This Site?

There is a lack of information on the internet about the background of the Site, while we got every single detail that what we can have on this platform. We can read blogs, watch photos and videos, listen to music, and make new friends. We also have some other tabs like events, polls, groups, marketplace, members, and groups.


  • Basically is a social media platform
  • Web address: wimkin.com/
  • They give their users the freedom of speech

How It Is Different From Other Social Media Platforms?

Wimkin provides the freedom to its user to post anything on their site, which is the main difference between Wimkin and other social media platforms. While this is giving very negative and dangerous aspects to a society that in no time people start to spread hate, offensive posts, and bullying to the State’s higher authorities. Verily, it is a very new site/app having a very small number of users. We just hope that people forget this app as soon as possible and do not spread any hate content in society.

Is Wimkin Legit?

Although there are many benefits to this site. We all thought that this platform is developed for a good cause but it is not sure. Besides many advantages, we also have to think that this website is not supported by any higher authorities. So it is necessary that it will fade away with no time. All research shows us that it not so legit.

How Facebook Is Better Than Wimkin

No doubt Wimkin provides the freedom to post anything you desire but still, Facebook has benefits over Wimkin. Yes, exactly I am asking you a truth. The things on the internet with a small budget and a small number of followers will not last longs. While Wimkin is a type of app having a small budget and lead by a small group of people while Facebook has a huge budget for it and also has a large team to handle it.

a small group of people while Facebook has a huge budget for it and also has a large team to handle it.

How To Sign Up For This Platform?

To sign up in a Wimkin you need to get some of your personal information. The things you need to do for signup are listed below;

  • Require a full name of a person
  • You need to set up your username
  • Provide them your valid email address
  • Secure your account by selecting your password for an account
  • Have to give an answer to a mathematical question

After providing those all these things click a sign-up button.

How Does Wimkin Work?

Wimkin also has developed there an app for both android and IOS, providing the same functions as it got for their website. They provide a very user-friendly interface to people to get on a social media platform. The USP of Wimkin is that it gives permission to its users to publish anything on their platform. They do not have any strict privacy policies like other social media platforms have set for their user. You can post any content without any fear of being your post down or getting banned from Wimkin social media platform.

Is Wimkin Safe Platform?

After reading multiple reviews of Wimkin, it is exactly clear that this uncensored social media platform has multiple downsides while also have various benefits. Let have a look at some points that clearly describe either Wimkin is a safe platform or not.

  • If we take a look at its legitimacy, it is surely an authentic site.
  • As Wimkin allows you to post anything without being afraid of getting you to post down, some hate spreaders of society will not go down.
  • Normally a people use a social media platform to stay connected to their family and friends, while this platform is not ideal for these types of activities.
  • It is very common to circulate false news over a social media platform.

Customer Reviews

platform is getting popular day by day. It is the most popular brand in the USA nowadays. As People are very impressed with the minimalism of this platform. Some users have also given a review that it is similar to other social media platforms.

Final Verdict

Removing posts that spreads hate and negativity in a society is very essential. To make social media platform beneficial it must have some strict policies. So, I personally do not recommend this app to sign up and use it.

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