Will Uzui return to Demon Slayer as a Hashira again?


[Demon Slayer spoilers ahead]

With the Entertainment District arc coming to a close, Demon Slayer fans are worried about Tengen Uzui. The Sound Hashira made quite an impact on fans of the anime with his flamboyant fighting methods leaving them disappointed over his retirement.

Those who only watch the anime are wondering if the Sound Hashira will make a return to the Demon Slayer Corps after healing all of his injuries. Given that he lost one hand, it’s unlikely that he would retain the position of Hashira. However, the manga will give fans some insight with respect to Uzui’s return.

Does Tengen Uzui resume his duties as a Hashira by returning to the Demon Slayer Corps?

Tengen Uzui retired from the Demon Slayer Corps. However, he returns in chapter 132 (Hashira Training arc) to monitor and lend some help with some basic stamina training. Tanjiro trained under the Sound Hashira for 10 days and received his permission to go to Muichiro Tokito’s quarters to train his body coordination.

That being said, the Former Sound Hashira doesn’t get another mission from the the organization. He helped Tanjiro with his training in the Hashira Training arc. He makes another appearance towards the end of the manga series.

Members of the Demon Slayer Corps succeeded in killing the Demon King, Kibutsuji Muzan. Unfortunately, a lot of lives were sacrificed as Sanemi Shinazugawa and Giyu Tomioka are the only Hashiras to have survived the fight. When Tanjiro was recuperating in the Butterfly Mansion, Tengen Uzui, along with his wives, visited the protagonist. As usual, Makioi was bullying Suma who was just excited to see Tanjiro and Nezuko.

The Sound Hashira gave his best against the Upper Moon 6 Gyutaro and Daki. He sustained heavy injuries and decided to spend the rest of his life with his wives. While he didn’t return as a Hashira, he kept in touch with his fellow members and visited them when he could. The Sound Hashira’s main contributions were showcased in the Entertainment District arc.

It truly is unfortunate that fans couldn’t witness his flamboyant nature once again in the manga. However, he will continue to remain as one of the most popular and beloved characters among the series’ fanbase.

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