Why do I wake up with a headache ?


Waking up with a headache isn’t the best way to start the day – but they can be sparked for a whole host of reasons.

YOU roll over to switch your alarm off, and can’t help but notice a throbbing spreading across your head.

Even the sound of the kettle is a little bit too much, and someone speaking to you is just out of the question.

They can crop up if we are dehydrated, which can sometimes be the result of consuming too much booze.

But both but stress and illnesses can also cause your head to pound.

Morning headaches are common and can occur for a variety of reasons, many of which aren’t serious.

Often it’s nothing to worry about, and is just a result of dehydration or follows an indulgent evening.

But persistent pain most mornings can be a potential indicator of an underlying problem.

It’s best to know what it could mean and see if you need to talk to an expert about it.

They are pretty standard across different headaches – but can vary slightly depending on what type you have and the severity.

Migraine headaches are often described as pounding, throbbing pain.

Cluster headaches feel more like an intense burning, sometimes round the eyes.

And a sinus headache, commonly caused by an infection or illness, is generally focused around the nose, eyes or forehead.

What types of headache are there?

In total there are are about 300 kinds.

A morning headache usually begins between 4am and 9am and often tends to interrupt a sufferer’s sleep.

The pain can fall into a number of categories making it either a cluster or tension headache, or even a migraine.

Other types of morning headache can include paroxysmal and medicinal overuse headaches.

Studies have found that most people who suffer morning headaches also suffer with sleep disorders.

Why do headaches happen?

There are many reasons why you could be waking up with a headache in the morning, they include:

Shift work

Research has found that headaches in the morning can also be caused by circadian rhythm disorders, which is when the body’s natural “body clock” is off, such as due to shift work.

Because of the misalignment between your natural body clock, and when you’re actually sleeping, you may get insufficient sleep which can trigger a headache when you wake up.

This, as well as allergens in the bedroom or sleeping in an exceptionally cold room, can all worsen sleep quality.

Sleep disorders

One encompasses sleep disorders, because the same part of the brain that controls sleep and mood also controls the pain you are waking up with.

Insomnia is one of the major reasons for a morning migraine.

The condition can prevent you from getting enough rest by keeping you up when you are trying to fall asleep, waking you up once you fall asleep, and causing restless sleep.

Other sleep issues such as narcolepsy, sleepwalking, sleeping with the wrong pillow, and sudden changes in sleep schedule – such as oversleeping or sleep loss – may be contributing to your headaches.

Many sufferers also report experiencing sleep movement disorders like sleep bruxism (where people unknowingly grind or clench their teeth while they sleep) and restless leg syndrome (where people experience an intensely uncomfortable “pins and needles” sensation in their lower limbs while sleeping which is accompanied by the intense urge to move them in order to find relief).

Morning headaches are also a key warning sign of the condition sleep apnoea, which many people do not realise they have.

The condition causes the airways to constrict during the night, temporarily stopping breathing. This causes headaches and fatigue the next day, as well as snoring during the night.

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