Who is Midwestemma? Emma Claire Bio, Boyfriend, Onlyfans, & Career


Emma Claire or better known by her stage name Midwestemma is an American singer, songwriter, and actress from the United States, California.


Emma Claire or better known by her stage name Midwestemma is an American singer, songwriter, and actress from the United States, California. She’s also well-known on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube where she posts lip-syncs and personal videos of herself singing covers of hit songs that her followers can’t get enough of. 

Mid west emma, who was formerly only known as Emma Claire on social media, got her start on Vine in 2015 before it shut down in 2017 and then made the move to TikTok shortly after its launch in 2018. If you want to know more about the girl behind the app, keep reading this article to find out more about Emma Claire.

Midwestemma Biography

Emma Claire was born on 14th January in America. Her hometown is California. Her parents’ names and professions are unknown. We also don’t know her ethnicity. She is a very young girl whose age is 21 years as of 2019. All of her siblings are unknown. 

Her relationship status is unknown. You will find out that she hasn’t got any child yet but we don’t know whether she plans to have kids or not. Most people follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media site accounts but we cannot conclude all of them. Emma Claire’s height is 5 Feet 5 Inches and their weight is 52 Kg so far.

Midwestemma Real Name

Emma Claire is an American YouTuber who is famous for her Tik Tok videos. She has over a million fans on her YouTube channel and she is known by her username Mid west emma.

Midwestemma started uploading videos on YouTube in 2017. Emma Claire’s real name is Emma Claire and she belongs to the United States of America. 

Midwestemma Family

Midwestemma keeps her personal life private and there is little information about her family. Emma has only mentioned one relative on her profile but no other family members. In a video she shared on her page, Emma said that she had spent time with a man who made hurtful comments in front of her niece. The man was upset that he couldn’t see his daughter so he took it out on Emma’s niece by calling her names. 

Emma wanted to let others know what goes on behind closed doors and hopefully never have to experience something like that again. The man’s mother is also keeping away from getting involved in their lives because she feels as though she has too much going on to be able to help.

Emma Claire once said that her dad was always big on going out into nature and having a beer. Her family has cattle on their farm and they go out to see them regularly. Their animals are very important to her family so it means a lot that they’re well taken care of. Emma loves watching Agriculture Videos on YouTube to help her get more insight into what it takes to take care of cows and other animals on a farm. She feels much more comfortable helping after learning how.

Emma’s interest in beauty

While Emma Claire’s career as a makeup artist was an unexpected one, it wasn’t long before she had her interest and skills piqued. Having always been interested in art and design from a young age, Emma would draw various designs on herself and then post them on social media. Her posts quickly went viral and her followers increased by thousands overnight. 

She started receiving compliments from other girls who were asking for advice on what beauty products to use to get their hair or makeup done just like hers. It didn’t take long for Emma to realize that she could make money doing what she loved most creating new looks and experimenting with makeup techniques.

Midwestemma Education

Emma Claire did her Schooling at a local high school situated in her hometown place. She has done graduation from a good college located in Michigan, United States. Her educational qualification is a bachelor’s degree in business administration. She was very much interested in doing studies from an early age of hers. She was very much focused on her studies. That’s why she managed to get excellent grades throughout her academic life.

 As she was very much interested in her studies since her school days. So that’s why all these things worked as a major boon for her. They also played a key role in her achieving success on higher grounds. 

She never had any issues in terms of doing studies due to which she was able to get everything done perfectly. College life is a lot of fun and you can have lots of fun with your friends.

 Midwestemma Relationship

There is no post to indicate she is in a relationship with anyone. But her social media account could mean that she has gone into hiatus from social media and decided to stay out of all those rumors. Since Emma Claire never gives any hint, we cannot tell what she is up to regarding her relationship status. We may only speculate that she might be dating her longtime lover, boyfriend, or partner at present who, according to numerous sources, is Mike Bonnazola and they do look cute together in their photos as well as videos.

 She seems to be a focused young lady who is working very hard in her job. As she has an incredible number of fans and supporters, it appears that they would like to see her get married as soon as possible and have a family of her own but she is very much committed to her career as an Instagram sensation and Twitch Streamer. 

Since there are no posts about his relationship on any social media platform so we can only assume that she might be single at present or busy with work and doesn’t want to share it with people. She recently shut down all comments from YouTube which many believe is just another move where she stays out of rumor and controversy for now until she clears things up on her official statement about it.

Midwestemma Body measurements, Height, and Weight

Midwestemma’s height is 1.65m and 165cm. She has simple light brown hair colour. MidwestEmma’s weight is 56 kgs which are equal to 123 pounds and she has an average bra size of 34D. Her eyes are light brown and her nose is slightly pointed. 

Her smile is really attractive and makes her look beautiful. She’s always smiling and that’s a thing people love about her personality. Emma Claire’s feet size 10 which means 26 cm or just about 10 inches. Her interesting tattoo on her back says My prince will come someday which shows her faith in fairy tales.

 Midwestemma’s hair is blonde. She has a cute and small nose. Her eye color is light brown which looks attractive on her face along with the big smile she’s always shown off.

Midwestemma’s Favorite Things

  • Midwestemma’s favorite social media platform is TikTok, where she shares her fun and cute dance videos. 
  • She has over 5 million followers on TikTok, which makes her one of its most popular users. 
  • She currently resides in Ohio with her boyfriend who goes by Billy on social media.
  • Although she hasn’t revealed much about her family and educational background.
  • She likes to share videos of herself dancing and singing on social media.
  • Where she usually posts new content daily. 

Midwestemma’s Hobbies 

  • From videos to dabs to dancing, Midwestemma’s Hobbies include all of these and more.
  • It has been two years since Emma Claire became a famous YouTuber.
  • When she recorded one of her performances with a disposable camera during an offline event. 
  • Emma Claire has always enjoyed entertaining people in front of cameras. 
  • She found out that she could have fun with it by uploading clips to YouTube while recording funny moments from everyday life.

Midwestemma career

 Midwestemma started her career as an internet personality and was quite popular on social media sites like YouTube and Instagram. She has more than 1 million followers on Tiktok alone. Later she turned into an adult model and also became famous for appearing in adult videos. 

In 2018, she made headlines after being arrested for prostitution charges by police officers while working as an escort girl. She then took up modeling as a profession and moved to Los Angeles where she started posting pictures of herself on Instagram regularly which gained her more fame and popularity among netizens all over the world.

Mid west emma is a great example of how a little hard work and determination can lead to success. Now at such a young age, she has achieved so much in her life and continues to work towards achieving even more. She has gained enough experience in her career that if she wishes to do anything else in life, she will be able to do it easily as well. 

Midwestemma Onlyfans

Midwestemma is an American female model. She posts adult content as we know it is an adult platform. On her public Facebook page, she has uploaded topless photos and pictures of herself masturbating with a dildo. 

Emma is often seen wearing underwear or lingerie in many of her videos. Other content includes mid-nudity clips where she posts videos of herself washing dishes and doing other household tasks while wearing a bra and panties or a bathrobe. This girl was popular on Instagram before jumping onto Tiktok where she has amassed over 1 million followers as well as being verified on onlyfans.

Tiktok Star Midwestemma Reddit Video Explained

Midwestemma’s Twitter handle is @midwestemma and she has more than 50k followers. She posts all her adult content over there. Some of her videos include explicit sexual content. Other than that, she is an extremely talented singer and also does comedy videos. 

However, a group named TradeNudesSnapChat released one of Midwestemma’s Reddit videos to other social media networks without her consent. 

Midwestemma’s social media

She had a significant amount of YouTube and TikTok followers. She is a maker of video material. Emma Clarke is the name of her YouTube channel. The majority of her tweets became viral. 

Midwestemma is her Twitter handle. Her Twitter account has more than 40k followers. On tik-tok, she has a bigger number of followers. She’s also a Reddit member, where she posts her clips, films, and images to increase her earnings.

You’ll be astonished to learn that she joined Twitter in June of 2020 and has amassed such a large following in only a few years. In 2021, she posted her first tik-took video. She has 6.91k Youtube followers.

Net worth

Midwestemma is one of those internet stars who can earn millions of dollars just by being themselves. She earns thousands of dollars every year. Emma Claire makes a great salary but her net worth details of her are not known yet. The average income for an American is $50,000 per year and she makes way more than that.

Midwestemma’s Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Midwestemma’s birth date?

A: Midwestemma’s day of birth is 14 January in the United States, California. Since she is a highly private person who prefers to keep her personal information hidden from the media.

Q: How old is Midwestemma?

A: Midwestemma’s age is likewise unavailable on any website since she has never found her exact birth date.

Q: Is Midwestemma dating anyone?

A: No information or data is indicating whether Emma Claire is in a relationship or not.

Q: How much money does Midwestemma make?

A: Emma Claire estimated her profits from her verified social media channels to be in the thousands of pounds.

Q: Does Midwestemma have a husband?

A: She does not seem to be married or in a relationship on her social media pages. But keep going, Midwestemma hasn’t confirmed anything. That is why we are unable to say much about it.


Everyone knows a piece of entertainment or technology breaks through when it resonates with its audience. That’s when it feels almost inevitable that a star is born. It’s at that point where fandom matters and becomes something far more meaningful than just a number in an algorithm. There’s no doubt about Emma Claire being one of those stars. She has engaged her audience. 

which loves her for all of her quirks as well as any success she achieves with them along for the ride. And that’s why her community is so valuable to her and why TikTok will continue to support creators like Emma Claire who are building real communities on their platform. Emma Claire’s fans love watching everything from silly dance videos to heartfelt moments captured on video. Because they feel like they know Emma Claire herself and vice versa.

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