Who Are Joshua Stimpson Parents, Where Is Molly McLaren Murderer Now?


Who Are Joshua Stimpson Parents? Molly McLaren was stabbed by knife 75 times by her psycho ex, Joshua, while sitting in her car; In an “act of evil,”; let’s learn more about the terrifying incident. 

Molly McLaren was working out at the gym on June 27, 2018, when she was approached by Stimpson, who had been stalking her for the previous 12 days since their breakup.

“Mum, he’s turned up at the gym and come next to me,” Molly McLaren texted her mother, Joanne, at 10.45 a.m., before exchanging 20 messages with a friend about Stimpson’s behavior.

Before returning to her Citroen in the Chatham Dockside Outlet parking lot, the worried student addressed her ex and inquired whether he followed her.

Her killer was waiting for her with a bag carrying the two knives and pickaxe he used to massacre her.

Stimpson abandoned his car after she was in the driver’s seat, ripped open her door, and unleashed a barrage of knife blows.

Molly fought him off with screams and beeps of her horn, but she died within minutes.

Joshua Stimpson Parents 

Unfortunately, there is not much information about Joshua Stimpson’s parents Mr & Mrs. Stimpson. 

Ms. McLaren’s family issued a statement thanking Kent Police and Benjamin Moreton “for his brave actions.” after trying to interfere in the incident,

“A beautiful light has gone out in all of our hearts, but it continues to shine brightly as a star in the sky.” Molly, we adore you.”

The family is urging people to be more aware of the hazards of stalking and to report any concerns to the authorities.

Two ex-girlfriends previously testified in court that Stimpson stalked them after they broke up.

Alexandra Dale claimed he would follow her, photograph her, and send her a photo of her back garden and threatening to drown her when she was on vacation.

While Leah Hubbard said that after they broke up, he spat drink all over her in a nightclub and then waited outside for hours to leave.

Joshua Stimpson Age 

Joshua Stimpson was the warehouse worker. He was 26 when he met Molly on Tinder in November 2016, and the two dated for four months before splitting up.

Stimpson was born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent but relocated to Medway after graduating high school. 

Later in life, he moved to Wouldham, near Rochester, and began working at Window Plan in Strood.

During his trial, former coworkers portrayed two very different sides to the killer.

When he applied for a job as a double glazing salesman, one, a delightful bright man, stood out by “a mile.”

The other was a suicidal crazy loner who “couldn’t engage in conversation.”

Where Is Molly McLaren Murderer Joshua Stimpson Now? 

After a jury took less than 3 hours to convict Joshua Stimpson of murder, the brute was sentenced to lifetime prison with a minimum sentence of 26 years.

At Maidstone Crown Court, Stimpson admitted manslaughter with reduced responsibility, but jurors rejected his plea.

Molly broke the connection for good on June 17, 2018, just 12 days before she died. Still, Stimpson became fascinated with the part-time barmaid and began posting defamatory statements and images about her on Facebook.

He lied about her doing cocaine and tagged people so that everyone in her family could see them.

Molly told her mother before she died that she had seen Stimpson’s message after they broke up on the internet that suggested: “there’s more to come.”

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