What should you know about retargeting?


Retargeting is one of the most efficient ways of promoting your products and services online. Why? Because you aim adverts at users who have already visited your website and expressed at least minimal interest in what you have to offer. It creates an ideal opportunity to prepare them for the new, individualized ads as well. Who can benefit the most from this method, and is your business on the list?

How does retargeting work?

When users visit your website, they can perform a variety of actions, such as viewing certain products and services, marking some favorites, or adding them to the shopping cart. Each of these actions provides you with critical information about your potential client, including their needs and interests. And then, you can use all this data to adjust your future campaigns even better. That is called retargeting.

Types of users you can reach through retargeting 

Of course, there are several groups of users you can reach with retargeting. The first one includes visitors who look at your offers but haven’t added anything to the cart yet. The next category is called shoppers. These are people who, at some point, have placed something into their cart but never finalized the transaction. And then we have the last type – buyers, who actually placed an order in your store before. Depending on your goals, you can target adverts to all, some, or even none of these groups.

User data and retargeting

Retargeting providers will process the data of the users who visited your website and learn what certain customers really wanted to buy. For example, if someone saw a pair of black winter boots in your store, they would see ads for the exact items they viewed before. However, they will pop up on different websites, not just yours, so you can target your potential clients through various channels. 

Deep learning in retargeting

Of course, it’s worth mentioning deep learning, which is the most advanced solution and can provide the best results. Thanks to the quick and thorough analysis of user data, it can recommend additional items that match already viewed products. So in the case of the mentioned winter boots, retargeting ads can also recommend wool coats, scarves, gloves and so on. The good news is that the whole process is automatic, and you don’t have to worry about preparing banners. Of course, users that click on the retargeting ad will get redirected to your website and will be able to finish the transaction there. Thanks to deep learning, you will get to know your customers even better, which is key to planning future successful marketing campaigns. 

Is retargeting right for you?

Retargeting is well-known to be highly effective in e-commerce as it can increase both the conversion and revenue of online stores. Other businesses that can reap incredible benefits from this method include marketplaces, classifieds, comparison engines, and even travel agencies with a strong Internet presence.

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