What Happened To Beth Thomas Brother Jonathan Tennat Thomas?


Beth Thomas is a nurse who made headlines in the 80s for being a child of rage and having psychopathic symptoms; she is a survivor of reactive attachment disorder.

Thomas is a nurse and survivor of reactive attachment disorder whose childhood story got documented on HBO titled Child of Rage.

Her story has shed light on how a traumatic childhood experience can affect toddlers as they get deprived of their parent’s affection. A movie has also been made based on Beth’s story. 

What Happened To Beth Thomas Brother Jonathan Tennat Thomas?

Jonathan Tennat Thomas is the little brother of Beth Thomas, who survived reactive attachment disorder, which she suffered because of getting abused by her father at a very young age.

Deprived of attachment to their mother, Beth and Jonathan used to get abused by their biological father, which had a horrible effect on the nurse. Later, a pastor and his wife, Tim, and Julie adopted them.

When she was only six, she admitted intending to hurt her younger sibling; she pushed her brother down the stairs, stuck pins into him, and smashed his head on the floor. Furthermore, she would also pinch and squeeze on his private parts. 

Where Is Beth Thomas’s Brother Now In 2022?

Although Beth has made her way into nursing, nothing much about what her brother Jonathan is up to is available on the internet; he has maintained a private life without his presence on media.

Jonathan right is living everyday life with his adoptive parents, and he might be chasing his dreams of being a particular person or reaching a specific goal. Or he might have settled down with his own family.

However, the nurse’s brother has not shared his way of living with the public and has chosen to lead a peaceful private life without flaunting them on social media. Moreover, the siblings might share a healthy bond now that they have matured and Beth has recovered into a better person. 

Is Beth Thomas’s Biological Father Jailed? 

Beth’s biological father might have gotten jailed for abusing his one-year-old daughter and a few months old son when their mother passed away.

The one-year-old felt the most damage as she described to the therapist how her dad would touch her private parts until they bled. Furthermore, the little girl would have nightmares of her father hurting her.

However, the abuser serving time for the inappropriate acts he did to Thomas has not surfaced on the internet. Hence, we are unsure if Thomas’s biological dad spent time in jail while repenting over the crime he committed against his toddlers.

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