What Are The Best Smoke Spots Dust 2: Beginner Guide


Smoke is one of the most common tools for players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Smoke grenades are used to block the line of sight, allowing you to sneak up on enemies or cut off their communications. In this article, we will talk about the best smoke spots dust 2.

One Of The Best Smoke Spots Dust 2 Podium

The Podium is a popular venue to play the Terrorist side, as the Counter Terrorist allows you to easily find out where the team is and be able to shoot them when they come in Medium or Short. It’s also a great place to cross to get to B Apartments, an alternative route from Ramp A to enter B Apartments.

The Hole

The Pit is another popular venue to play the Terrorist side due to its proximity to A Ramp and CT Spawn. A Pit is also a good place for an AWPer or Rifler who wants to make an aggressive presence on the map and catch potentially unprepared CTs trying to raise the Medium/Short.

Middle Doors

Middle Doors is one of the more passive best smoke spots dust 2 places that are good for covering the Long A from behind while also allowing you to protect yourself from possible enemy fire from the Binder/Library. Here you can easily ambush your enemies.

How to use Counter-Strike GO Smoke Bombs?

Smoke grenades are useful for disguising your teammates’ movements and blinding enemies. Smoke bombs are a great way to fend off enemy teams by creating a cloud of smoke they can’t see.

There are two variants of smoke bombs: the Molotov Cocktail, which causes fire damage to anyone standing near the explosion, and the Fire Bomb, which leaves flames on the ground after it explodes. You can use these grenades to trap enemies or hide your team’s movements as they advance into enemy territory.

When you’re about to use a smoke grenade, make sure you’re ready for battle before it goes off – otherwise, you risk getting shot.

When fired, the smoke grenade will create a cloud of smoke that lasts for approximately 10 seconds and obscures the view of both teams. This type of grenade can be useful in many situations, as it provides protection while still allowing you to see what’s going on around you.

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