Warframe Weapons Tier List


What are the best weapons in Warframe? You want the best ones, right? Here is the ultimate Warframe weapons tier list to give you a quick overview.

Picking the right Warframe for you is only the beginning. With so much content to unpack in the game, it’s helpful to have a guide for specific parts regularly.

In the case of Warframe’s weapons, there are hundreds of them that it’s almost impossible to sift through each and determine how viable they’ll be for your playthrough. On that part, we’ve got you covered.

Here is a list of all weapons in Warframe ranked in tiers. Use this to optimize the right build for your Warframe.


The best weapons all around or for their specific use case. You can plug these weapons in any viable build and you’ll instantly notice a spike of power.

WeaponWeapon Type
AcceltraPrimary Weapon
BubonicoPrimary Weapon
CedoPrimary Weapon
Gram PrimeMelee Weapon
Guandao PrimeMelee Weapon
Ignis WraithPrimary Weapon
Kronen PrimeMelee Weapon
Kuva BrakkSecondary Weapom
Kuva BrammaPrimary Weapon
Kuva NukorSecondary Weapon
LesionMelee Weapon
Nami Skyla PrimeMelee Weapon
Nikana PrimeMelee Weapon
Orthos PrimeMelee Weapon
ParacesisMelee Weapon
Plague KripathMelee Weapon
Proboscis CernosPrimary Weapon
Pyrana PrimeSecondary Weapon
Reaper PrimeMelee Weapon
Redeemer PrimeMelee Weapon
Rubico PrimePrimary Weapon
SepfahnMelee Weapon
SporelacerPrimary Weapon
StrophaMelee Weapon
TrumnaPrimary Weapon
Venka PrimeMelee Weapon
VitricaMelee Weapon


These are weapons that are powerful in most situations. Perfect for clearing the endgame content if you don’t have enough resources for S-Tier weapons. There are also weapons here that fit excellently with certain Warframe builds.

WeaponWeapon Type
Akjagara PrimeSecondary Weapon
Aksomati PrimeSecondary Weapon
Akstiletto PrimeSecondary Weapon
Akvasto PrimeSecondary Weapon
AmprexPrimary Weapon
Arca PlasmorPrimary Weapon
Arca TitronMelee Weapon
Artemis BowPrimary Weapon
AthodaiSecondary Weapon
AtomosSecondary Weapon
BallaMelle Weapon
Baza PrimePrimary Weapon
Broken WarMelle Weapon
CatabolystSecondary Weapon
CatchmoonSecondary Weapon
Ceti LaceraMelee Weapon
Corinth PrimePrimary Weapon
CyanexSecondary Weapon
CyathMelee Weapon
Dakra PrimeMelee Weapon
Destreza PrimeMelee Weapon
DokrahmMelee Weapon
Dragon NikanaMelee Weapon
DreadPrimary Weapon
Dual Kamas PrimeMelee Weapon
Dual KeresMelee Weapon
Euphona PrimeSecondary Weapon
ExergisPrimary Weapon
Fragor PrimeMelee Weapon
FulminPrimary Weapon
Galatine PrimeMelee Weapon
GazeSecondary Weapon
Glaive PrimeMelee Weapon
HateMelee Weapon
HirudoMelee Weapon
IronbrideMelee Weapon
Jat KusarMelee Weapon
Karyst PrimeMelee Weapon
KeratinosMelee Weapon
Kuva ChakkhurrPrimary Weapon
Kuva HindPrimary Weapon
Kuva KohmPrimary Weapon
Kuva OgrisPrimary Weapon
Kuva QuartakkPrimary Weapon
Kuva SeerSecondary Weapon
Kuva ShildegMelee Weapon
Kuva TonkorPrimary Weapon
Kuva Twin StubbasSecondary Weapon
LenzPrimary Weapon
Mara DetronSecondary Weapon
Ninkondi PrimeMelee Weapon
OhmaMelee Weapon
Opticor VandalPrimary Weapon
Pangolin PrimeMelee Weapon
PennantMelee Weapon
PhantasmaPrimary Weapon
Plague KeewarMelee Weapon
Prisma Dual CleaversMelee Weapon
Prisma Twin GremlinsSecondary Weapon
QuassusMelee Weapon
Rakta Dark DaggerMelee Weapon
RattlegutsSecondary Weapon
SepulcrumSecondary Weapon
SheduPrimary Weapon
Sicarus PrimeSecondary Weapon
Sigma & OctantisMelee Weapon
Silva & Aegis PrimeMelee Weapon
SkiajatiMelee Weapon
Soma PrimePrimary Weapon
StahltaPrimary Weapon
StaticorSecondary Weapon
Supra VandalPrimary Weapon
Sybaris PrimePrimary Weapon
Synoid GammacorSecondary Weapon
TatsuMelee Weapon
Tekko PrimeMelle Weapon
Telos BoltaceMelee Weapon
Tenet EnvoyPrimary Weapon
Tenet ExecMelee Weapon
Tenora PrimePrimary Weapon
Tiberon PrimePrimary Weapon
Tigris PrimePrimary Weapon
Tipedo PrimeMelee Weapon
TombfingerSecondary Weapon
Twin GrakatasSecondary Weapon
Twin KohmakSecondary Weapon
Twin KrohkurMelee Weapon
Vaykor HekPrimary Weapon
Vectis PrimePrimary Weapon
VeloxSecondary Weapon
VermisplicerPrimary Weapon
WarMelee Weapon
Zakti PrimeSecondary Weapon
ZenithPrimary Weapon
ZymosSecondary Weapon


Weapons that won’t blow you away with their stats but are pretty good if you have a specific task in mind for them.

WeaponWeapon Type
Ack & BruntMelee Weapon
AkariusSecondary Weapon
Akbolto PrimeSecondary Weapon
Akbronco PrimeSecondary Weapon
Aklex PrimeSecondary Weapon
AksomatiSecondary Weapon
AmbassadorPrimary Weapon
Arca SciscoSecondary Weapon
Arum SpinosaMelee Weapon
AstillaPrimary Weapon
AtteraxMelee Weapon
AzimaSecondary Weapon
Ballistica PrimeSecondary Weapon
BasmuPrimary Weapon
BattacorPrimary Weapon
BazaPrimary Weapon
Bo PrimeMelee Weapon
Boar PrimePrimary Weapon
Boltor PrimePrimary Weapon
CassowarMelee Weapon
CaustacystMelee Weapon
Cernos PrimePrimary Weapon
Cobra and CraneMelee Weapon
ConvectrixPrimary Weapon
CorinthPrimary Weapon
DaikyuPrimary Weapon
Dark Split-SwordMelee Weapon
DehtatMelee Weapon
Dex DakraMelee Weapon
Dex FurisSecondary Weapon
Dex SybarisPrimary Weapon
Dual EtherMelee Weapon
Dual ichorMelee Weapon
Dual ToxocystSecondary Weapon
Fang PrimeMelee Weapon
FerroxPrimary Weapon
GalatineMelee Weapon
Glaxion VandalPrimary Weapon
GuandaoMelee Weapon
GunsenMelee Weapon
HekPrimary Weapon
HemaPrimary Weapon
Hikou PrimeSecondary Weapon
HystrixSecondary Weapon
IgnisPrimary Weapon
Jat KittagMelee Weapon
KnellSecondary Weapon
Kogake PrimeMelee Weapon
KohmPrimary Weapon
KomorexPrimary Weapon
KorrudoMelee Weapon
KrohkurMelee Weapon
KronenMelee Weapon
KronshMelee Weapon
Kuva DrakgoonPrimary Weapon
Kuva KarakPrimary Weapon
Kuva KrakenSecondary Weapon
LaceraMelee Weapon
LankaPrimary Weapon
Lato PrimeSecondary Weapon
Lato VandalSecondary Weapon
Latron PrimeSecondary Weapon
Lex PrimeSecondary Weapon
Machete WraithMelee Weapon
MewanMelee Weapon
MiosMelee Weapon
MireMelee Weapon
Mutalist CernosPrimary Weapon
NagantakaPrimary Weapon
NikanaMelee Weapon
NukorSecondary Weapon
OcucorSecondary Weapon
OolthaMelee Weapon
OpticorPrimary Weapon
PanderoSecondary Weapon
Panthera PrimePrimary Weapon
Paris PrimePrimary Weapon
PathocystMelee Weapon
PhagePrimary Weapon
PoxSecondary Weapon
Prisma AngstrumSecondary Weapon
Prisma GorgonPrimary Weapon
Prisma GrakataPrimary Weapon
Prisma GrinlokPrimary Weapon
Prisma MacheteMelee Weapon
Prisma ObexMelee Weapon
Prisma SkanaMelee Weapon
PulmonarsMelee Weapon
PyranaSecondary Weapon
Quanta VandalPrimary Weapon
QuatzSecondary Weapon
QuellorPrimary Weapon
RabveeSecondary Weapon
Rakta CernosPrimary Weapon
RedeemerMelee Weapon
RubicoPrimary Weapon
Sancti CastanasSecondary Weapon
Sancti MagistarMelee Weapon
Sancti TigrisPrimary Weapon
SarpaMelee Weapon
Scindo PrimeMelee Weapon
ScoliacMelee Weapon
ScourgePrimary Weapon
Secura Dual CestraSecondary Weapon
Secura LectaMelee Weapon
Secura PentaPrimary Weapon
Skana PrimeMelee Weapon
Snipetron VandalPrimary Weapon
SobekPrimary Weapon
Spectra VandalSecondary Weapon
Spira PrimeSecondary Weapon
SporothrixPrimary Weapon
Stradavar PrimePrimary Weapon
Strun WraithPrimary Weapon
SynapsePrimary Weapon
Synoid HeliocorMelee Weapon
Synoid SimulorPrimary Weapon
Telos BoltorPrimary Weapon
Tenet Arca PlasmorPrimary Weapon
Tenet GrigoriMelee Weapon
Tenet LiviaMelee Weapon
Tenet TetraPrimary Weapon
TenoraPrimary Weapon
Twin BasolkMelee Weapon
Twin RoggaSecondary Weapon
TysisSecondary Weapon
Vasto PrimeSecondary Weapon
Vaykor MarelokSecondary Weapon
Vaykor SydonMelee Weapon
VectisPrimary Weapon
VolnusMelee Weapon
Vulkar WraithPrimary Weapon
Wolf SledgeMelee Weapon
XorisMelee Weapon
ZaktiSecondary Weapon
ZarrPrimary Weapon
ZenistarMelle Weapon
Zhuge PrimePrimary Weapon


These weapons have a niche use case. They are outclassed by others, but it doesn’t mean they have little value in battle.

WeaponWeapon Type
AcridSecondary Weapon
AfurisSecondary Weapon
AkboltoSecondary Weapon
AkjagaraSecondary Weapon
AklexSecondary Weapon
AkmagnusSecondary Weapon
AkstilettoSecondary Weapon
AkvastoSecondary Weapon
AkzaniSecondary Weapon
AmphisMelee Weapon
AngstrumSecondary Weapon
AnkuMelee Weapon
Ankyros PrimeMelee Weapon
ArgonakPrimary Weapon
AtticaPrimary Weapon
BoltaceMelee Weapon
BoltorPrimary Weapon
BrakkSecondary Weapon
Braton PrimePrimary Weapon
Braton VandalPrimary Weapon
Broken ScepterMelee Weapon
Bronco PrimeSecondary Weapon
Burston PrimePrimary Weapon
BuzlokMelee Weapon
CerataMelee Weapon
CernosPrimary Weapon
CestraSecondary Weapon
CycronSecondary Weapon
Dark DaggerMelee Weapon
Dark SwordMelee Weapon
Dera VandalMelee Weapon
DespairSecondary Weapon
DestrezaMelee Weapon
DetronSecondary Weapon
DrakgoonPrimary Weapon
Dual CestraSecondary Weapon
Dual CleaversMelee Weapon
Dual Heat SwordsMelee Weapon
Dual KamasMelee Weapon
Dual RazaMelee Weapon
Dual ZorenMelee Weapon
EmbolistSecondary Weapon
EnduraMelee Weapon
Ether DaggersMelee Weapon
Ether ReaperMelee Weapon
Ether SwordPrimary Weapon
FalcorMelee Weapon
Flux RiflePrimary Weapon
Furax WraithMelee Weapon
FurisSecondary Weapon
FusilaiSecondary Weapon
GalvacordMelee Weapon
GammacorSecondary Weapon
Gazal MacheteMelee Weapon
GlaiveMelee Weapon
GlaxionPrimary Weapon
Gorgon WraithPrimary Weapon
GrakataPrimary Weapon
GramMelee Weapon
GrinlokPrimary Weapon
HalikarMelee Weapon
HarpakPrimary Weapon
Heat SwordMelee Weapon
HeliocorMelee Weapon
HikouSecondary Weapon
JavlokPrimary Weapon
Jaw SwordMelee Weapon
KarakPrimary Weapon
Karak WraithPrimary Weapon
KarystMelee Weapon
KeshegMelee Weapon
KohmakSecondary Weapon
KreskaMelee Weapon
KulstarSecondary Weapon
Latron WraithPrimary Weapon
LectaMelee Weapon
LexSecondary Weapon
MK1 – StrunPrimary Weapon
MagnusSecondary Weapon
MarelokSecondary Weapon
MasseterMelee Weapon
MiterPrimary Weapon
Mutalist QuantaPrimary Weapon
Nami SkylaMelee Weapon
NinkondiMelee Weapon
OgrisPrimary Weapon
OkinaMelee Weapon
OrthosMelee Weapon
OrviusMelee Weapon
Pangolin SwordMelee Weapon
PantheraPrimary Weapon
ParacystPrimary Weapon
PentaPrimary Weapon
Plasma SwordMelee Weapon
PlinxSecondary Weapon
Prisma TetraPrimary Weapon
ProvaMelee Weapon
Prova VandalMelee Weapon
PupacystMelee Weapon
QuartakkPrimary Weapon
Rakta BallisticaSecondary Weapon
RipkasMelee Weapon
ScindoMelee Weapon
SerroMelee Weapon
ShakuMelee Weapon
SheevMelee Weapon
SibearMelee Weapon
Silva and AegisMelee Weapon
SimulorPrimary Weapon
SkanaMelee Weapon
SnipetronPrimary Weapon
SomaPrimary Weapon
SonicorSecondary Weapon
SpectraSecondary Weapon
SpiraSecondary Weapon
StradavarPrimary Weapon
StubbaSecondary Weapon
StugSecondary Weapon
SupraPrimary Weapon
SybarisPrimary Weapon
TalonsSecondary Weapon
TekkoMelee Weapon
Telos AkboltoSecondary Weapon
Tenet AgendusMelee Weapon
Tenet CycronSecondary Weapon
Tenet DetronSecondary Weapon
Tenet Flux RiflePrimary Weapon
TiberonPrimary Weapon
TigrisPrimary Weapon
TipedoMelee Weapon
TonboMelee Weapon
TonkorPrimary Weapon
ToridPrimary Weapon
Twin GremlinsSecondary Weapon
Twin Vipers WraithSecondary Weapon
VastoSecondary Weapon
VeldtPrimary Weapon
VenkaMelee Weapon
Viper WraithSecondary Weapon
ZhugePrimary Weapon
ZylokSecondary Weapon


These weapons have extremely rare niche uses. Most of the time you’d rather have a weapon from the higher tiers than an optimized build using these weapons.

WeaponWeapon Type
AkbroncoSecondary Weapon
AklatoSecondary Weapon
AnkyrosMelee Weapon
BallisticaSecondary Weapon
BoMelee Weapon
BoarPrimary Weapon
BoltoSecondary Weapon
BratonPrimary Weapon
BroncoSecondary Weapon
BurstonPrimary Weapon
CastanasSecondary Weapon
Ceramic DaggerMelee Weapon
CronusMelee Weapon
DeraPrimary Weapon
Dual SkanaMelee Weapon
FangMelee Weapon
FragorMelee Weapon
FuraxMelee Weapon
GorgonPrimary Weapon
Heat DaggerMelee Weapon
HindPrimary Weapon
KamaMelee Weapon
KestrelMelee Weapon
KogakeMelee Weapon
KrakenSecondary Weapon
KunaiSecondary Weapon
LatoSecondary Weapon
LatronPrimary Weapon
MK1 – BoMelee Weapon
MK1 – BratonPrimary Weapon
MK1 – FuraxMelee Weapon
MK1 – FurisSecondary Weapon
MK1 – KunaiSecondary Weapon
MK1 – ParisPrimary Weapon
MacheteMelee Weapon
MagistarMelee Weapon


The weakest weapons in the game right now. It’s hard to justify using these weapons for the late game content when there are several more powerful tools available.

WeaponWeapon Type
Nami SoloMelee Weapon
ObexMelee Weapon
ParisPrimary Weapon
QuantaPrimary Weapon
SeerSecondary Weapon
SicarusSecondary Weapon
StrunPrimary Weapon
SydonMelee Weapon
TetraPrimary Weapon
Twin VipersSecondary Weapon
ViperSecondary Weapon
VulkarPrimary Weapon

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