TXT’s Soobin accidentally uses a racist slur; MOAs try to educate him


TXT’s leader Soobin has landed himself in trouble as he was seen using an anti-black slur during his video fansign meets. TXT’s fandom, MOAs, are upset over this accidental incident and are trying to educate Soobin to know better moving forward.

On September 13, MOAs found a fan who uploaded a conversation between her and Soobin during a fansign. Some fans quickly noticed that the idol unknowingly used a slur, and the fan, too, laughed it off. Later, the fan who uploaded the conversation apologized, saying she wasn’t aware and took down the tweet.

Soobin unknowingly uses a racist slur; MOAs upset & try to educate him

During one of the fansign events, a fan asked TXT’s Soobin about his pet, a hedgehog named ODI. She asked the idol which animal he’d like to have as his pet in the future and also its name. Soobin then replied that he’d like a raccoon and would cutely name him as ‘C*on-ie’, removing the first three letters of the word.

‘C*on’ is historically used as a black slur and is highly insulting and derogatory.

Many fans shared on Twitter that they weren’t aware of the word being an anti-Black slur, even while they lived in America, so it was entirely possible for Soobin, who lives continents apart, to know it too. But they also want to inform and educate their idol, even after he has unintentionally offended them.

Here’s how MOAs are reacting to the situation. They’re helping spread the word to any other fan who wins the fansign to educate the artist on the matter.

I found this on TikTok and definitely they’ll need to tell Soobin that is not correct— Melanie (@Sunmelx) September 13, 2021

if y’all don’t educate him at the next fansign i swear .. i literally don’t care y’all pain txt as this unproblematic group but y’all gonna be the reason theyre deemed problematic. someone better let soobin know its a slur cause i swear to god.— desiree (@iwuvsoob) September 13, 2021

on the next fansign, please educate soobin about that cuz he doesn’t know what that means i think he only know that it’s short for racoon(?) so yeah please tell him what it means thanks— jenny | yeonjun day!!! (@hooncode) September 13, 2021

MOAs also pointed out that this incident does not mean Soobin is racist because it wasn’t intentional but purely an uneducated mistake.

HYBE’s TXT has never landed up in major controversies since its debut in 2019, which is an achievement in itself. There have been minor instances such as the lightstick design looking similar to SHINee’s, Taehyun’s misunderstood comments about album sales, or cultural appropriation in the group’s second photo book series.

But by and large, TXT has never been suspected of any significant scandal yet.

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