Tinyurl com Eris Loris Know What This All About


Get to know about the latest hack that is causing the problem to the Among Us players.

Are you among the millions of people who play Among Us? Tinyurl com Eris Loris is trending in the digital space. It is a hack terrorizing the players of the game. 

All over the United Kingdom, the United StatesFrance, and Turkey, the game has amassed a cult following. However, a hack by the name Eris Loris known to hack the Among Us gamers. 

The hackers have attacked in the past, and the developers of Among Us took care of it. However, recently there have been reports of the hack being back. Read this post to explore important info related to it. 

Who is Eris Loris?

Many people searching for Tinyurl com Eris Loris are not sure who Eris Loris is. There is no way to find out the real identity of the hacker who’s operating under the online name Eris Loris. As per certain gamers on various platforms, it could very well be a bot. 

What does this hack do? 

While playing Among Us, a few players reported receiving messages from a player called Eris Loris. The message asked gamers to subscribe to the Youtube channel of Eris Loris. As per the message, the ones who would not subscribe will get hacked. 

Other players reported similar incidences involving the Tinyurl com Eris Loris. Many users reported game shut down after receiving such messages. 

The developer of Among Us, InnerSloth took actions and fixed the issue. Players are warning others to be careful of this hack and take proper caution to prevent it from causing damage. 

Things to know about it:

  • The hack affects Among Us players. 
  • The individuals behind this hack are not yet identified.
  • Players are warning each other to take drastic steps to prevent the hacker from causing any damage to the system of the user. 
  • Sometimes the hack ends up disconnecting every player and ending the game. 
  • The Tinyurl com Eris Loris is trending as more players are getting affected by this hack. 

Public reaction

Gamers started reporting this issue online. On Reddit and many other similar platforms, players started posting about the Eris Loris hack. They’re warning others to be wary of any message from Eris Loris. 

In case gamers receive the message, they should immediately disconnect and if required, uninstall and install the game back again for proper precaution. Many users are sharing the reports with the game developer of Among Us to get the hack fixed. 


The Tinyurl com Eris Loris is a hot topic of discussion between Among Us players. Many players are getting disconnected from the game due to this hack. 

Players are warning each other and asking the developer to ban the user/bot responsible for this hack. 

Do you play Among Us? Let us know the answer to the question and what you think of today’s post in the comment section. 

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