Ryan Giggs ‘threw laptop at ex’s head & kicked her so hard she fell off bed before throwing her naked out of hotel’


RYAN Giggs threw a laptop bag at his ex’s head and kicked her so hard she fell off the bed, a court heard today.

The ex-Man Utd star is accused of headbutting Kate Greville over a three-year reign of terror.

Giggs, 48, also allegedly used controlling and coercive behaviour against Kate, 36, and attacked her younger sister Emma at his £1.7million mansion.

Kate is continuing her evidence at Manchester Crown Court today on the forth day of the trial.

She claimed how Giggs attacked her at the swanky Stafford Hotel in London in December 2019.

In a witness statement, Kate said the footballer “threw a bag at my head with a laptop in it which caused my head to swell and bruise”.

She also claimed Giggs booted her out the bed and threw her out the hotel room naked in the alleged attack, which led to the ex-midfielder being arrested.

During cross examination, Giggs’ barrister Chris Daw QC asked if Kate was “trying to make everything sound as bad as it could”.

She replied: “No it was 100 per cent what happened.”

He also quizzed the PR exec over texts the pair exchanged the next day about how hungover they were.

Kate also thanked Giggs for coming to pick her up, saying it was “very lovely” of him.

Mr Daw said: “This was the day after you claim he violently assaulted you and reading these messages we don’t even get a hint of that.”

Kate replied: “He made me feel like it was my fault, he made me feel insecure and made me feel I couldn’t have a problem with what happened because it was my fault.”

She also told how living with Giggs in lockdown was “utter hell” but claimed at that point she was in a “cycle of abuse”.

In her previous evidence, Kate told how she became a “slave to his every need and every demand”.

She added: “He made me feel like I had to do what he said, otherwise there were consequences.”

Kate said she was a “vulnerable” position when their relationship started and claimed Giggs “played on it”.

She also told jurors the footballer “isolated me from certain people” and “interfered with my ability to interact with my family”.

In another alleged violent incident in Dubai in September 2017, Kate claimed she was dragged naked from their hotel bed and pulled across the lounge suite when she said something he “didn’t like”.

She said she was left with a bruise on her arm when she was forced to retrieve her belongings from the hotel corridor naked.

But Mr Daw said the allegations were “lies” and maintained the mark was a “sex injury”.

He added: “It was a bruise caused by rough sex that the two of you enjoyed a lot.”

Kate said: “No, he grabbed me by my wrist and caused bruising.”


The jury were read WhatsApp messages between the pair that were exchanged over a five day period following the alleged Dubai incident.

Mr Daw read one message from the time, in which Kate wrote: “I want you so badly rough.”

Giggs replied: “Do you? I’m scared of hurting you.”

Kate responded: “I want it to hurt a little. Not in a weird way. I just want you to shock and surprise me.”

Giggs told her “it’s a fine line”, to which Kate said: “We will just have to have fun finding that line then.”

The midfielder then sent a photograph of a sex toy, a paddle, in an Agent Provocateur box.

Kate asked: “What is that? Xx.”

Giggs replied: “You asked me to be a bit more assertive.”

She wrote: “I’m intrigued. When are you using this?”

He then sent a photo of a pair of handcuffs and said: “Just after you have used this.”

Kate wrote back: “Amazing,” and Giggs replied: “They f***ing are.”

She told jurors on Tuesday how she first had sex with Giggs in December 2014 while on a work event at a hotel in London and she left her husband the following February.

Kate claims the ex-Wales international grabbed her by the shoulders and headbutted her in November 2020 after she confronted him about his serial cheating.

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