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Got the dream wedding dress but no bra to actually pull off the plunging neckline and backless design? A nightmare most of the brides go through. The wrong type of bra can actually ruin the whole look of the dress. Your cleavage looks saggy, and there is no oomph factor in your wedding dress.

You can remedy all that with the miraculous ‘’Misses kisses frontless bra kit’’. There is no need for you to fret over bras after bras that just doesn’t fit right.

Your wedding is your day to shine like a blazing star. And nothing should stop you from doing so!

For all our brides-to-be and girls who love showing off their cleavages, we came up with Misses Kisses Bra reviews.

What is Misses Kisses Bra?

Misses kisses bra started as an idea when the CEO and Founder Amanda could not find a bra to enhance and support her cleavage in a romper with a deep plunging neckline.

She soon realized that there was no bra available to enhance and push up the cleavage while staying backlessstrapless, and frontless.

So she set off to create one with her girlfriends.

Misses kisses bra is designed to provide you with the support and cleavage you need on your most important day. It is the only frontless, backless, strapless bra that delivers on its promise to enhance your cleavage while remaining invisible.

This bra is ideal for women with busty chest who needs support to uplift their chest. A backless and strapless bra is usually not very flexible and cannot provide ample support to lift the chest.

But thanks to the inventive design of misses kisses bra, you have all the support you need to rock that long-forgotten dress with a deep neckline.

There are many options to choose from- moderate plunge, shallow plunge, and deep plunge. You can select any bra kit according to your shape and preference.

We especially love that this bra stays invisible. There are no peeping straps if you are wearing spaghetti straps. It is backless, too, so if you have a fabulous backless dress but no backless bra- misses kisses bra is the perfect choice for you.

The frontless design lets you enjoy your special dress on your special day without artificial inserts or cups. Your cleavage stays right where it is. Even if you dance, sit or go crazy all night- this excellent bra will hold everything in its place.

This is genuinely the stuff of dreams and so worth every penny.

Is Misses Kisses Bra Legit?

So if you are searching for misses kisses bra reviews on the internet and reading all the reviews, you must be wondering, is it really that good? Is it legit, or is this all fake marketing?

The bottom line is: THIS BRA WORKS. There have been tons of positive reviews not only on misses kisses website but also on third-party websites like Reddit, Quora, and theknot.com.

Apart from that, Misses kisses bra is recommended by Elle magazine as the go-to bra for backless dresses. This clearly shows that Misses kisses before and after results are pretty impressive.

The owner Amanda is also pretty approachable and responsive. She shares her incredible journey behind the creation of the product with her clients on the website.

All this adds up to the fact that Misses kisses bra is worth its salt.

Features Of Misses Kisses Bra

  • You can send the bra back within 21 days for a full refund.
  • Available in 3 sizes, and all are adjustable. The Bra bar or wire size is different.
  • The deep plunge is ideal for a neckline that is as deep as the belly button. Moderate and shallow plunge are recommended to start with.
  • It comes with Volumizing pads to add a rounded look under the fabric.
  • The bra fits from size B to DD.
  • It comes with non-slip Stickers to hold the bra firmly in place. Apply all four stickers to paddles and pads. The stickers can last for many years, and replacement is also available on the website.
  • Comes in a super cute, stylish, misses kisses accessory bag.
  • The bra kit also includes a backstrap if you want to use extra support, although it is not needed in most cases.
  • Misses kisses offer complimentary fitting in person at their Los Angeles store. They also provide fitting via facetime or Whatsapp. Virtual fittings are confidential and private.
  • It comes with 2 years warranty and is developed to last for a lifetime.


  •  Best bra for plunging neckline
  •  Most suitable for a wedding or formal backless dresses
  •  Ong lasting
  •  Provides great support
  •  Enhances cleavage and make you look attractive
  •  Invisible and comfortable
  •  Lots of positive reviews


  •  Expensive
  •  Not very lightweight

User Reviews

Misses kisses shave lots of positive user reviews. With some minor glitches, the bra seems to work really well and does an excellent job pushing up the cleavage.

Wrap Up

If you have sagging breasts and no courage to show cleavage because you don’t feel confident about it, misses kisses bra is perfect for you. We hope our misses kisses bra reviews will help you on your quest to find a bra that actually lifts and supports.

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