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In this article you will get to know about a site where your kids can watch cartoon so let’s check the validity of the site.

Are you and your children bored at home? Do you want to get away with boredom? Then, we bring a website that has gained lots of love from the kids and their parents. 

Generally, a cartoon website is meant for kids to amuse themselves during their leisure hours. The cartoon is a complete package of action, comedy, and a pinch of romance. Thus making it extremely lovable and safe for kids. 

Let’s examine the worldwide recognized Miraculoushub. ml Website in detail. 

What is Miraculoushub. ml? 

Miraculoushub. ml is a website that showcases a story of a ladybug and cat noir. Initially, the story begins with two students who are just ordinary high school kids. They accidentally meet a kwamis who bestowed them with powers through a miraculous jewel. These two children (Marinette and Adrien) later become Paris’s superheroes, fighting against all evils to protect their nation. Hawk Moth, a villain who causes havoc in the city to steal the miraculous jewel. 

Miraculoushub.ml Website specification;

  • Domain name – https://miraculoushub. ga/
  • Organisation – Mali Dili B. V
  • Domain Name Server – Bayan. N. S. Cloud flare. com
  • Nia. N. S. Cloudflare. com
  • Phone – +31205315725
  • Fax – +31205315721
  • Email :abuse – abuse@freedom.com
  • Copyright infringement – copyright@freedom.com
  • Facebook page – Miraculous
  • Twitter – Miraculous, with 381.3k followers.
  • YouTube channel – Miraculous ladybug with 5.39m subscribers
  • Instagram – miraculous with 1.5m followers.

The cartoon has also been aired on television and gained huge international fans on every platform; however, Let’s target whether Miraculoushub.ml Websiteauthenticity or safe for the kids?


Besides its international fans, it has created a valid digital website resulting in back-to-back three seasons available on their website. Although a kids’ show, it has been ranked as the top ten television show by Fandometrics. 

Kids aged six to twelve loves the blend of classic action, comedy, and romance of two high school students, experts in keeping their identities secret. Of course, a slight romance might be an issue. 

In this article Miraculoushub.ml Websitefurther check the customer’s reviews. 

Customers reviews:

The kids and their parents love the action-comedy cartoon; the show was a huge hit. As a result, it released three seasons. Having built a website of its own, it showcased the full episode, which benefited the customers who need not look for it on any other platforms. 

A few negative reviews are also present, as some consider it absurd and inappropriate due to its romance scenes which might adversely affect the kids.

The Verdict:

The Miraculoushub.ml Websitehas been a success. As many kids are bored due to the pandemic, the website has a classic show, which revolves around two high school students (Marinette and Adrien) who are the Paris superheroes who fight against the powerful villain (Hawk Moth). 

The cartoon has received all sorts of reviews; some have loved it because of its action and comedy genre. In contrast, the others consider it absurd and destructive for the kids.

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