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Miguel A. Núñez Jr. Biography

Miguel A. Núñez Jr is an American executive producer, writer, director. He’s best known for his supporting roles in Life, The Return of the Living Dead, Scooby-Doo, and Tour of Duty. Miguel is of African American and Dominican descent and was raised by his grandparents in Wilson, North Carolina.

He has been cast in the movie known as In The Return of the Living Dead, he was one of his first major screen roles on supporting the role of Spider and his first major starring role was on the CBS series Tour of Duty as Marcus Taylor, where he was a main cast member for all three seasons of the show.

Miguel appeared on the short-lived Fox series My Wildest Dreams, as well as the short-lived UPN show Sparks as well as in movies such as Juwanna Mann. He also held the recurring role of Zach in the second season of the friend’s spinoff, Joey.

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. Age

Miguel A. Núñez Jr was born on August 11, 1958, in New York City, New York. He was born and raised in New York City, New York. He is 62 years old as of 2019.

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. Nationality

Miguel A. Núñez Jr was born in New York City, New York, and he is of African American and Dominican descent and was raised up in Wilson, North Carolina, United States.

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. Wife

Miguel A. Núñez Jr is married to Yulanda Simon from 1994 up to now. The couple has two daughters namely Mia and Micole.

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. Family

There is no information regarding Miguel A. Núñez Jr parents but all we know is that he was in the care of his grandparents. We will update the information soon. The information that we have is that he was raised by his grandparents.

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. Actor

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. the executive producer, writer and director has one of his first major screen roles which have a supporting role of Spider in The Return of the Living Dead.

His major starring role was that of Marcus Taylor on the CBS series Tour of Duty, where he was a main cast member for all three seasons of the show.

Miguel A. Núñez Jr appeared on the short-lived Fox series My Wildest Dreams, as well as the short-lived UPN show Sparks as well as in movies such as Juwanna Mann.

Núñez also held the recurring role of Zach in the second season of the Friends spinoff, Joey. Nùñez was also an executive producer of the 2014 comedy-drama musical film, School Dance, directed and written by Nick Cannon.

Miguel A. Núñez Jr also appeared in a bar scene in Lethal Weapon that was discarded from the movie. This scene can be found in the bonus material of the Lethal Weapon 4 Director’s cut disc. Later on, he got a small credited (as Miguel Nunez) part in Lethal Weapon 3 and had one line: “Armour piercing bullets?”.

Miguel A. Núñez Jr Tv Shows

  • Tour of Duty (TV series) 1987-1990
  • My Wildest Dreams 1995
  • The Faculty (TV series) 1996
  • Sparks (TV series) 1996-1998
  • Tarzan (2003 TV series) 2003
  • Joey (TV series) 2004-2006
  • Black Poker Stars Invitational 2008
  • Belle’s 2013
  • Carl Weber’s The Family Business 2018
  • Bronx SIU

Miguel A. Núñez Jr Filmography

Films Titles and Years

  • 2001 – Tara/MacArthur Park/Flossin
  • 2002 – ZigZag/Scooby-Doo/Juwanna Mann/The Adventures of Pluto Nash
  • 2005 – Flip the Script/Bathsheba/Clean Up Men/Joey
  • 2006 – National Lampoon’s TV: The Movie
  • 2007 – Kickin’ It Old Skool/All Lies on Me
  • 2008 – Meet Dave
  • 2009 – Black Dynamite/Diamond Dawgs/Haitian Nights/Steppin: The Movie
  • 2010 – Back Nine/Blue Mountain State/Trapped: Haitian Nights/Double Crossed/Hollywood & Wine
  • 2011 – Nora’s Hair Salon 3: Shear Disaster/Mad Love/Breathe
  • 2017 – Vikes

Miguel A. Núñez Jr. Net Worth

Miguel A. Núñez Jr is an American executive producer, writer, director who has an estimated net worth of $ 1 million dollars as of 2019.

Miguel A. Núñez Jr Journey to Actor

Miguel A. Núñez Jr was saying that I was going to be an actor ever since he could speak. My mom told me that when I was 3 or 4 years old, she spanked me, and I said, “When I become a movie star, I’m not going to buy you nothin’!” [laughs] Acting is all I’ve ever wanted to do since I was born! I absolutely, 100%, without a doubt knew it from 3 or 4 years old that I would be where I am today.

I grew up in a small town in North Carolina and I would tell anyone who would listen that I was going to Hollywood to be in TV and movies. They all told me I was crazy! There was no doubt about it, I always knew it! Every single person in my entire life told me it was impossible.

Not one single person ever said to me, “Go for it! You can do it!” Everybody told me I was just a little black man living in North Carolina, tall, skinny and black, so it was impossible.

They told me there were thousands of actors in the world with agents, managers, college and acting schools, so how was it possible for my poor little black ass in the middle of nowhere to do it.

Despite all that, I kept telling everybody, “I don’t know how it’s going to happen, I just know it is going to happen. I promise you!” I said that every day of my life. From the first grade to the 12th grade my nickname was “Hollywood Nune,” which was short for Nunez.

I had a jean jacket with “Hollywood” written on the back of it! It was all I ever said I was going to do. As soon as I graduated, I made three bologna sandwiches, wrote a note and ran away from home to Hollywood. I graduated and four months later I was on that bus.

I didn’t have any money, relatives or nothing! I never once thought about what I was going to do when I got here, other than knowing I was going to become a star. Lo and behold, when I got here it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.

I thought you had to be an actor to get into Hollywood because the man at the bus station said I couldn’t get a ticket to Hollywood. What I didn’t know at the time was that I was at a Trailways station and Trailways always went downtown and Greyhound went to Hollywood.

That led me to spend too much time in downtown Los Angeles, which is the worst part of the city. I ate out of the trash, I slept behind the bus station, would wake up with lice on me and I’d have to go to the mission to get sprayed and I’d go weeks without eating.

Even though all of that, was 100% damn sure I was going to do what I set out to do! I used to sell my blood plasma to eat! You’d get $7 and if you did it twice in the same week, you’d get $14 the second time! I would sleep in movie theaters. I would get attacked by people and pull out knives.

People don’t know about a lot of that stuff but, again, even living on the streets of L.A., there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to be successful. I didn’t need anyone to believe in me. If you put it in your mind that you’re going to be successful, there is nothing that can stop you!

What happened was that one day I was on a bus and some guy was doing his lines and studying. I was like, “What are you doing?” He said, “I’m an actor. I’m going to an audition.” I said, “I want to be an actor! That’s what I came here for.”

He said he was getting ready to go on a cattle call, which is where anybody can audition. He had some papers with him and I said, “So what is that?” He said, “That’s a resume. Take it. You’re going to need a resume and a headshot to get started.” When he got off, I saw there were all these people in the park with cameras.

I got off at the next stop, went into a copy place, whited his name out and put my name on his resume. I walked back to the park and got in line. I ended up getting the lead in that commercial! I told the guy I didn’t have an agent, so he took me to his agency and his agent signed me.

He said, “You can have all that money.” I didn’t even know how much it was at the time, I was still homeless, but it was a lot. I said, “I want you to send me on more of those cattle things!” He said, “Oh, auditions? OK.” That’s when he signed me. I think the next 50 auditions he sent me on, I got 47 of them. That was back in 1980.

Acting Challenges

Miguel A. Núñez Jr biggest challenges I faced were myself. When I was on top, I was doing it, but I started partying too much. I think the biggest challenge any actor is going to face is himself and his own discipline. It doesn’t matter how much money you make in this business, it’s how much you save. They’re actors who made millions and millions of dollars but end up broke.


keys to longevity in the entertainment industry

The keys are never giving up, never taking no for an answer and not expecting or looking for anyone to help you do anything for yourself. I’ve had two TV shows that I sold! These are network shows that got a whole season on a network.

I was told by everybody, “Ain’t nobody gonna buy a show from you! You ain’t nobody! You’ve got to know this person or do that.” Again, everything people told me I couldn’t do, I found a way to do! So, never take no for answer.

Be your biggest supporter and your biggest backer. Don’t let anyone come in and tell you that you can’t do something just because they couldn’t figure out a way to do it, period! You will absolutely, 100% succeed in anything that you do if you don’t take no for an answer.

As I said, I was homeless, living on the streets and eating out of the trash and I conquered the most incredibly difficult business that there is. Look at Oprah Winfrey, she’s not the most beautiful woman in the world, was overweight at one point and had the odds against her but she became the most successful talk show host in the world.

How many people do you think told her that couldn’t happen? Look at Obama! How many people do you think told him he would never be president. Those are examples that there is nothing you can’t achieve.

All this, “The white man this … ” or “The white man that … ,” those days are over! The only person that can stop you from succeeding is you! When you start compromising your morals or principles, that is going to come back to affect you later.

If you lose something because you don’t want to compromise your morals, you didn’t really lose it. You only gained something and didn’t get something you are supposed to have in the first place. Never compromise your morals, stay true to yourself and keep pushing forward! I didn’t care if the front door was closed, I would go around the back.

If the back door was closed, I’d look for the window. If the window was locked, I will wait till somebody came to open the door and sneak in behind them! I used to sneak into studios! I used to walk in when the security guard was checking other people’s IDs.

I even put on construction worker clothes and walked through the gate and waved my hand at the guy as I was going through, just like I was working there.

He would just wave me on! [laughs] A couple of times I got kicked out, but I never took no for an answer! I knew I was going to get in there! That’s the thing when somebody said no to me, I looked at it as a challenge! No never meant no to me and now I have achieved the results of not accepting no.

I see so many people every day saying, “I wish I could do this … ” Why can’t you? Who says you can’t! Get out there and do it!

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