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Introduction of Lexi2legit:

lexi2legit seems like your average teen girl on Instagram to the casual observer. Her feed is full of selfies, fashion shots, and sometimes her dog, Rocky. But when you look at, lexi2legit’s Instagram profile and see that She has over 3 million followers, it suddenly becomes clear that She’s much more than your average teen girl on Instagram. 

lexi2legit’s part of an elite group of social media celebrities who have become brands unto themselves, despite being non-famous outside their respective platforms. However, she never gave up and knew if She worked hard enough, things would eventually come together for her. It proves you can have fun with whatever you enjoy doing while still succeeding and making money off it.

Who is lexi2legit?

lexi2legit is a popular Instagram model with over 3 million followers. She has gained fame and success within such a short period, most likely due to her extreme popularity on social media sites. 

To many people, it may seem like She was just born with beauty and curves, but in fact, she goes through extensive workouts to keep herself looking good. Countless celebrities did not get where they are today without working for it. Lexi is one of those stars who has taken what She loves to do and created a name for herself from it.

How old is lexi2legit?

lexi2legit is just 18 years old, but She’s been making waves in Hollywood for more than a decade. Before signing with her agent and moving to Los Angeles, Lexi was one of social media’s most popular stars. Most child actors disappear after they turn eighteen, so many industry insiders were surprised when Lexi broke out on Instagram. 

That doesn’t mean that Lexi isn’t a natural talent She first showed up on the cover of People Magazine when She was only five. Since then, Lexi has established herself as one of today’s hottest young models. Lexi’s appeared in dozens of magazines and featured in ads for brands like Louis Vuitton. However, it was becoming Instafamous that solidified Lexi’s career choice.

How She Started Her Career

Lexi’s mom entered her into a modeling competition at 14. lexi2legit didn’t win but earned some exposure and became interested in pursuing modeling further. She was a student at that time but took a leave from school to pursue her dream. She spent two years building her social media presence and then reached out to brands to see if they would be interested in sponsoring her. 

The first few brands lexi2legit approached were not interested, but within three months, Lexi had a few campaigns under her belt and has continued to build her brand ever since. As a full-time model with no other source of income, Lexi makes enough money from sponsorship deals to support herself financially.

Her Interests and Social Media Activity

Lexi is interested in fashion and recently purchased a new pair of shoes online. lexi2legit also loves to travel, has been to 4 countries, and is interested in more places to visit. Lexi enjoys cooking for herself, she makes delicious banana pancakes for breakfast every morning. Her favorite music artist is Ed Sheeran, and her newest favorite song is Perfect from Taylor Swift. 

When asked about her greatest fear, she responded dying without accomplishing anything or helping anyone in need. That is something She strives to avoid daily. Lexi wants to make it big on Instagram but not at any cost. Her dream job would be being a social media manager. Aside from modeling, lexi2legit spends time studying how to create GIFs as other famous people do on Snapchat and Instagram. 

How Did She Become Famous on Instagram?

It all started in September 2016, when Lexi was 16 years old. During a live stream on her Instagram account, She discovered how to get more followers: by making deals with people. lexi2legit had thousands of followers interested in trading their new followers to get more exposure. When it came to choosing what companies to promote, Lexi decided that She would go with only reputable brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, and Apple. 

While many people might have been surprised by these big names looking to work with young influencers, Lexi wasn’t too shocked. She was honored because She knew it was so difficult for smaller companies and up-and-coming stars to get noticed. That’s why at times like these, businesses will start doing anything to reach a bigger audience.

How She Uses Her Fame

Lexi said that one of her main goals is to use her social media fame for charity. She plans to donate a portion of the money earned from sponsored posts to various organizations; including charities that work with at-risk youth and Animal Shelters. While She was clear that She’s not there yet, Lexi hopes to earn enough money on her own so that She won’t have to rely on financial support from family members. 

As for going viral, it wasn’t something Lexi tried intentionally: It happened, and I started rolling with it because I found it entertaining. But making sure people are aware of all sides of her, not just photos, is essential. The whole point of me sharing my life is so people can relate, feel less alone, or be inspired somehow.

My Rise to Instagram Fame

Lexi2legit was just a typical high school girl living in New York City, trying to navigate high school drama with friends, eventually leading to social media. She started on Twitter but soon found that her real potential lay within Instagram and YouTube; where she has been able to reach millions of followers. Lexi is seen at many events around New York City because she loves to travel and share what she does with all of her fans. 

In addition, Lexi has worked hard for everything she has and will continue growing even more through social media platforms. As her fanbase grows, you will start seeing more content being shared daily online because she is dedicated to making a difference in others’ lives by teaching them how to be successful.

lexi2legit Everyday Life

As a college student in Maryland, Lexi doesn’t spend her days eating ice cream and lounging by pools. But She isn’t sweating over books either. If you were to believe everything you see on social media, she spends most of her days lounging by pools or hanging out with celebrities. She attends class, posts pictures of herself on set with her favorite celebrity clients (like Kim Kardashian and Tom Cruise); hangs out with friends, and waits for followers on social media to increase. 

Of course, that last bit takes time, unlike other models who land extensive campaigns from their very first jobs as a result of already having existing social media followings. Lexi is starting from scratch. And while her career hasn’t exactly taken off yet, she has followed one piece of advice: Be consistent. It may seem like it takes so long when people get started because they don’t stick to it, lexi2legit says. But things will happen eventually.

What People Love the Most About Her

People love Lexi’s extraordinary personality, fun selfies, and perfect body. She started modeling in middle school when a friend told her then She began to post photos on social media like Instagram. At first, she was very self-conscious but realized that her friends liked seeing pictures of herself online; so She kept posting selfies every day until She got up to 1,000 followers. 

After reaching 1,000 followers on IG, Lexi decided to step it up and start sharing photos of herself with captions of inspirational quotes. You can even find a selection from Lexi below: You’re not too young to live your dreams. Since then, Lexi has gotten over 3 million followers on Instagram and even appeared in several magazines.

Boyfriend And Dating Life Dropped

lexi2legit was in a relationship for two years, but it ended because of my modeling career. He thought I’d get tired of traveling and being away from home and wanted me to stop. But that’s not how I am. She says her boyfriend tried to help by becoming a photographer; however, he didn’t understand why She loved taking such revealing photos on set. 

Lexi understood why he was mad. But we weren’t even dating yet! So maybe if I had told him earlier about what type of pictures I like to take, it wouldn’t have gotten so bad; instead, I just found someone else. We broke up almost a year ago now.

How Does lexi2legit Handle Haters, Critics, And Trolls?

lexi2legit has a clever way of dealing with haters and critics. Although She does not let anyone tell her how to live, she does seem to embrace her stardom. So, it would not be surprising if She got invited to many events like Sports Illustrated or GQ Magazine. Some celebrities might want to diss Her for being so beautiful; but that doesn’t seem like it bothers her because She only focuses on what’s ahead of her. 

To put it bluntly, she could care less about what others think. People believe other successful people when they say nice things about someone as smart as She; these are people who know quite a bit about business and finances, so their words carry weight among most audiences.

What Kind of Pictures Does She Take?

These pictures are pretty edgy, as you can see from her Instagram account. She seems to like taking pictures of herself in provocative positions; as well as images of herself holding guns and knives. Unfortunately, her captions tend to demean men who aren’t where She is financially or even don’t find her attractive. 

Also, when other women take a picture with her; she tags them in an insulting way that includes negative comments about their weight. If there were one thing She could improve on, it would be to be more modest in her posts. But if being more modest doesn’t fit with what She is trying to portray, then it might not happen. It all depends on how you want your brand to present itself.

Net Worth

lexi2legit’s net worth is 1.5 million Dollars, and She is making a good amount of money from her YouTube channel. She has worked hard in establishing herself on YouTube. She earns about $1,869 a month and $21,000 yearly from her channel. You can also follow her on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. She has many other Youtubers as friends who support each other and shares their opinions over social media; which makes them close to each other. 

However, she is the most talked-about name in the Youtuber world.   Most of you must be interested to know how much money does She make. From her YouTube videos, advertisements & endorsements, income figure exceeds well into seven figures annually. According to the Social Blade report as of June 2018; it’s found that She earns around $6,357 – $17K monthly through YouTube videos with about 3M subscribers.

Explore She’s Wikipedia

Lexi first got her start on Instagram in late 2017. There, she cultivated a following of more than 200,000 people who enjoy seeing pictures of her beautiful face and fit body. Lexi is originally from Bakersfield, California. She was born in 2002, making her young enough to get plenty of modeling work even though She isn’t a teen anymore. 

As a high school senior, Lexi has been out of school for several years now and lives at home with her parents in Bakersfield, where She goes to community college. 


lexi2legit is 18-years-old and lives in California, United States. She (Lexi) has been on Instagram since she was 14, and lexi2legit’s learned all the tricks of the trade on how to stay up-to-date with the platform and increase her following so that she can continue to make money off sponsored posts and affiliate links. Lexi knows that it’s not just about posting selfies but also about providing value to her audience and building relationships with them through her conversations in the comments section of her photos, videos, and live videos on Instagram Stories. 

She is one of the top snap chatters on our list, with hundreds of thousands of loyal followers. No one can deny her popularity after appearing on Snapchat’s most popular user list for several weeks running. She understands her audience as well as how to make them happy. If you want to know more about lexi2legit, follow her on Instagram today! She posts there daily with cute photos and videos from all over the United States.

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