Larry Birdle? Fumble? NFL, NBA, MLB Wordle? All the latest versions


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you’ll have, at least, heard of the online game, Wordle. Well, if you enjoy that daily letter conundrum and you’re also a sports fan, then you are going to want to keep reading as there are new versions available. And they’re only a finger touch of a screen away…

What is Wordle?

First things first – mainly for those former rock dwellers – a little background to the original game. In January 2022, more than two million people around the world were playing Wordle, and its popularity, after being created to entertain a girlfriend, saw it being acquired by the New York Times. You attempt to guess the five-letter word, clues are then provided from green (right letter, right place) and yellow (right letter, wrong place) boxes, and you’ve got six shots at it.

Oh, and it’s totally not addictive! 🤨

How do I get and play NBA Wordle?

So, you understand the standard version but have too much time on your hands to be limited to just that, especially as you have to wait until midnight for the next challenge. Step forward ‘Poeltl’, an NBA focused game along similar lines.

Below you’ll find guidance on how to play and to access the game this website is your place. A quick heads-up, I failed badly in my first couple of attempts!

Need more hoop-slamming mysteries, head across to Larry Birdle for your eight guesses, I mean, cleverly anticipated postulations.

MLB Wordle: step up to bat

Baseball gets a go at this whole word play, thanks to the creators at WARdle (yeah, that name concerned me too at first). The rules are rather familiar, you’ll be glad to know.

What other Wordle options are there?

Really? You want more? OK then, here’s a version based on the NHL called Gordle (much more aligned with the original). Here’s another for college football names called CFBordle. And then there’s one for Taylor Swift fans called Taylordle (see what they did there?) and other musical treats.

And then there is the NFL game, Fumble, which challenges you to find the mystery gridiron player, using a selection of information related to the athlete, including height, age, weight… If you’re a fan of the other type of football, more specifically the Premier League, you can enjoy surname guessing with FootballWordle.

This was the best list of all the different variations out there that I could find. I have not had the time to get through them all so have a blast and let me know your favourite.

Wordle harder with New York Times?

Although there are no signs of an acquisition of the sports and other spin-offs, many players of the original version have taken to social media complaining that the game seems more difficult since being taken over by the New York Times. Players have voiced outrage over words like vivid, cynic, ulcer, and rupee being used which contain irregular vowel placements making them more difficult to guess.

The NYT has denied any such allegations but over time we’ve certainly seen a few that seem more difficult compared to those selected before the acquisition. Maybe just the way they fell…

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