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Learn how to use kanopy.com/link to complete the activation procedure. Follow this webpage service at www.kanopy.com/tv code Roku, Samsung TV, Android TV, or smart TV. Kanopy is an excellent option for those who enjoy on-demand streaming services.

  • Get free access to over 30,000 vintage feature films, documentaries, and instructional programs on your computer or mobile device.
  • From Criterion, PBS, and Kino Lorber, Kanopy boasts a solid library of independent, international, documentary, and early films.

What Is The Process For Making A Kanopy Account?

  • Go to franklinsquarepl.kanopy.com to sign up for a Kanopy account, or go to kanopy.com and search for the Franklin Square Public Library under “Find Your Library.”
  • On the next screen, click “Add Library Card” and enter your library barcode.
  • Provide your name, email address, and password, or use Google or Facebook to sign up to complete the setup.
  • You can manage your profile details, Watchlist, recently watched films, comments, and more from the Dashboard.

Activate Kanopy on Roku (www.kanopy.com/tv link)

Follow the easy steps to activate the Kanopy app via www.kanopy.com/tv code Roku:

  • Open Roku, go to the home screen and search kanopy in the search box.
  • After that, the app will display on the screen and prompt you to install it.
  • To add the channel or app to your device, click the Add channel option.
  • Click the Go to Channel button to return to the home screen.
  • A four-digit kanopy activation code generated by the system will show.
  • You will also receive the official activation link, (www kanopy com link) code.
  • Save the code and copy the link to another smart device, or simply type it in.
  • Next, www.kanopy.com/tv enter code on your device. If prompted, enter your credentials to finish the activation procedure.

**Make sure this device is linked to the same Wi-Fi network as your Roku**.

How to watch Kanopy on Roku?

  • To get the Kanopy app via kanopy.com/link roku device, go to Streaming Channels > Search Channels > and search for “Kanopy” from the Roku home screen.
  • Add Kanopy as a channel in the Kanopy app.
  • On your Roku’s home screen, look for the Kanopy channel.
  • If you get stuck, you can use Roku’s channel-adding instructions to help you out.
  • When you initially launch the Kanopy app, you’ll be given two choices: If you’re a first-time user, click “Get Started” to create an account.
  • If you already have a Kanopy account and are a returning user, You need to do a kanopy sign in. For this, click “Log In.
  • After successfully logging in, you can watch all shows available in kanopy subscription on your roku device.

If you are new to kanopy and do not have an account/subscription yet, follow the steps below:

Instructions for new users:

  • To start watching movies, First you’ll need to register a new Kanopy account (kanopy sign up) via kanopy.com/link:.
  • Follow the steps on the “Get Started” screen to get started
  • On your computer or mobile device, go to www.kanopy.com/tv or kanopy.com/link.
  • On your television, enter the code.
  • To create an account, follow the steps below.
  • Your TV screen will immediately refresh and log you into the app once you’ve made an account.

How to install, activate and watch Kanopy on Amazon Fire TV/Stick?

If you wondering “is kanopy available on firestick?” Then the answer is yes.

Below are the instructions to install, activate and watch Kanopy shows on the device:

  • Open Amazon Fire TV, press the home icon button using your Amazon Fire TV remote.
  • Search Kanopy from the search bar using the virtual keypad provided on screen and install the app.
  • Launch the Kanopy app on your Fire TV, you will be provided an activation code along with activation instruction.
  • However, if prompted to sign into the app, make sure to log into your account to receive the activation code.
  • After that, open a web browser on your computer or phone, and navigate to the activation page of Kanopy using the URL- kanopy.com/tv.
  • Go to the activation page and enter the activation code that you copied from your TV screen in the provided field and press the Next.
  • On the next screen, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation process for Kanopy on Fire TV, and you will be able to access the Kanopy on your Amazon Fire TV.

How to Activate Kanopy on Android TV ?

Follow the guide for how to get Kanopy for Android TV via kanopy.com/ link code [kanopy link device] and activate it:

  • Open Android TV and go to the play store and search Kanopy, press the Install button.
  • You’ll need to go back to your Android TV’s home screen and search for the app.
  • Find it and open the app. It will generate a code for activation.
  • Before you leave the screen to get your phone, write down the 4-digit code.
  • On a different device, go to kanopy.com/link enter code on it.
  • Now press the Next button and follow the onscreen prompts.
  • Fill in the required information and complete the procedure quickly.
  • Kanopy movies and documentaries are now available to stream on your Android TV.

Watch Kanopy on Chromecast

  • Making use of the iOS/Android app
  • Before you begin casting, double-check the following:
  • Your Chromecast device is connected to the same WiFi network as your smartphone or tablet.
  • You have a valid library subscription and are logged into the Kanopy app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Select the Chromecast device connected to your television by tapping the “Cast” button in the top right corner of the screen. “Ready to cast” will appear on your TV screen after the connection is established.
  • Start watching a movie on the app, and it will appear on your TV screen via Chromecast.

Watch Kanopy via Chromecast from computer

Before you begin casting, double-check the following:

  • You’re on a computer that’s connected to the same WiFi network as your Chromecast device, and you’re using the Chrome browser.
  • You have a valid library subscription and are logged in to your Kanopy account.

To cast Kanopy subscription from your computer to your TV:

  • To access the video player options, play the movie.
  • The Cast icon will appear in the video player’s bottom right corner.
  • The film will begin playing on your TV after clicking the Cast icon and picking your Chromecast device.
  • Please keep in mind that this emblem will only appear if you’re using Chrome.

Activate Kanopy on Apple TV

Learn how to install and activate Kanopy on Apple TV via kanopy.com/link , follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Go to the App Store from the home screen.
  • Go to the Search box and type the app’s name, for example, Kanopy.
  • On the screen, the app should show.
  • You must click on the Get.
  • The channel will be added to your Apple TV device as a result of this action.
  • You must launch the app after it has been installed by clicking on it.
  • A four-digit code will appear. This is the activation code, which you should keep.
  • You must immediately click the official activation link to avoid wasting any time.
  • Go to www.kanopy.com/link enter code on your computer or your smartphone.
  • On this screen, you must input the code in the appropriate field.
  • Make sure you don’t make any mistakes when entering the code.
  • To finish the process, click the Next button.

 Watch Kanopy on Apple TV Via Airplay:

  • Apple TV 4K and Apple TV (Activate.Apple.Com) are both compatible with the Kanopy app (4th generation).
  • To get the app, go to your Apple TV’s App Store, search for Kanopy, and install it.

When you initially launch the Kanopy app, you’ll be given two choices:

  • If you’re a first-time user, click “Get Started” to create an account.
  • If you already have a Kanopy account and are a returning user, click “Log In.”
  • After logging in you can see your subscription, and good to watch kanopy via airplay.

Watch Kanopy via Airplay on your TV

Kanopy can be viewed via Airplay if you have an older Apple TV. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Choose a movie from the Kanopy iOS app and play it.
  • At the top right of the screen, tap the Airplay icon.
  • Select the Apple TV to which you want to connect.
  • Select Done on your iOS device after the movie starts playing on your TV.
  • Closed caption and subtitles (if available) can be controlled using the symbol to the right of the Airplay icon.
  • Pick the Airplay icon again and select your mobile device to turn off Airplay.

FAQ’S related to activating Kanopy on Devices (kanopy.com/link)

What Roku devices will I be able to use to watch Kanopy?

Kanopy will appear and play on any Roku device currently receiving software upgrades and is supported by Roku.
If you’re unsure whether your device is receiving updates, navigate to Settings -> System -> About on your Roku.
Kanopy will run on your device if the Software version indicated on this screen is 7.7.0 or higher.

Where do I enter the linking code?

Go to www.kanopy.com/link or select “Link Your Device” from the Kanopy iOS or Android app to enter your linking code.
You’ll be prompted to log in if you aren’t already logged in before you can enter the code.
Kanopy works with libraries to provide you with film access.
Before attaching your device, make sure you have a sound library in your Kanopy account.

Where can I find the settings?

Navigate to the right from the top menu to access Kanopy app settings.
To get to the Settings screen, use your Roku control.
You may change the library you’re a member of, check your account information, or log out of the app from Settings.

What is the procedure for gaining access to my other membership?

To get a list of your memberships, go to the channel settings and hit the * button on your remote.
To access the content of a membership (denoted by the green light) on your Roku, select it from the list.
To reload your screen, go to the Settings menu and select Home.

 Can I add multiple Kanopy accounts at a time to my Roku?

At any given moment, You can link only one Kanopy account to your Roku.
Follow the prompts to log out of your Roku account if you want to access another account.

Is it possible to link my Roku account to several devices?

Yes! You can connect as many Roku devices as you like to your account.

What is the procedure for logging out of my account?

From the top menu, go to Settings and then “Log Out” under “My Library.” To confirm, press OK.
Select “Link Device” and follow the onscreen instructions to relink your account or a different account.

What is the procedure for obtaining closed captions/subtitles?

While the movie is playing, press the * button on your Roku remote.
“Captions mode” will be emphasized on the screen.
Press the OK button on the remote while this is highlighted until “On always” displays. To save and exit the caption options, go to the bottom of the page and click “Close.”
If you’re experiencing difficulties seeing closed captions on your Roku, ensure you’ve got the most recent software version installed.

How can I go to my Watchlist?

Navigate to “My Lists” from the Kanopy main screen.
To switch between the “Continue Watching” and “Watchlist” tabs, scroll down.
Under “Watchlist,” you’ll see the films you’ve put on your Watchlist.

How can I figure out how many play credits I have left?

It will display the number of play credits left for the month in the top right corner of your TV screen.
Go here to learn more about how the play credits operate.

What’s the best way to find movies I’ve already seen?

Navigate to “My Lists” from the Kanopy main screen.
To switch between the “Continue Watching” and “Watchlist” tabs, scroll down.
Under “Continue Watching,” you’ll see all of the movies you’ve begun but haven’t finished.

I can’t see the sidebar because the screen is being cut off. What am I supposed to do now?

Adjust the aspect ratio/picture size in your TV’s settings.
If the option to fit to screen is available on your TV, select it.
Otherwise, you can choose your TV’s aspect ratio from the list.

Can I use Kanopy on Roku if I don’t have a subscription to a library?

You’ll need a Kanopy account that’s been linked to a subscriber library to watch the movies on Kanopy.
Check here to see if your library is a participant.

What Apple TV devices can I use to access Kanopy?

Kanopy is only available for smartphones with access to an app store (4th generation Apple TV and newer).
At the very least, your device must be running tvOS 10.2.

What features are accessible in the Dashboard, and how can I get access to them?

The Apple TV app will allow you to view your Watchlist and Memberships.
Go to the Settings menu at the top of your screen to gain access.
Click the Menu button on your remote if you don’t see this section.

Can I link my account to multiple Apple TVs?

Yes! You can connect as many Apple TVs as you like to your account

What is the procedure for logging out of my account?

Select “Sign out of my Kanopy account” from the Settings menu.

How can I tell whether a movie has closed captions?

If a film’s title is closed captioned, “CC” will appear below the title and to the right of the star rating on the information page.

What is the procedure for obtaining closed captions/subtitles?

While the movie is playing, swipe down on the trackpad area of the remote.
A menu will appear at the top of your TV screen, with a section for captions/subtitles. Go to this section and turn on the captions and subtitles.

Can I use Kanopy on Apple TV if I don’t have a subscription to a library?

You’ll need a Kanopy account that’s been linked to a subscriber library to watch the movies on Kanopy. Check here to see if your library is a participant.

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