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Instagram is one of the most buzzed social media apps. People are constantly browsing and stalking other people on this platform.

But don’t you feel the need of some features which are not given by insta? Like view Instagram Story Viewer, and downloading it, view insta profile pictures in full-size.

Not to worry! We have a solution for this. You can use any instagram viewer for enjoying all these features.

You can view instagram stories anonymously using StoryIG. And you can view profile picture in full-size and download it using instaDP.  But imginn instagram viewer  is a combination of both. You get all these features in one website. 

What is Imginn?

Imginn is a free online Instagram web-viewer, an Ig post viewer, and an Ig story viewer. It allows us to use various features that are unavailable on the main app. 

This ig viewer website gives you the freedom to explore all those options which you were restricted to do on the main app. Everyone wants to enjoy these freedom. 

It is very easy to use, free for the masses and completely anonymous.

Imginn vs Instagram 

There are various features which are available on this website but are unavailable on Instagram.

The following is a list of those features.

View instagram account without having any account

The best insta viewer imginn allows you to view Ig content without creating any account or need  Insta login. You can simply enter “imginn” into any search engine website, such as Google, go to the landing page and explore what profile and hashtags content you want.

But on Instagram, you need to log in.

View ig stories anonymously.

Using imginn search , you can watch the Ig stories anonymously. You can wander around on this website without any identity.  This means if you see someone’s Insta story, it will not leave any footprint on the Ig app.

But on Instagram, you can’t enjoy this feature. You need to have an account to enter into the app. Then if you see someone’s story, your name will be shown in their viewer’s list. 

View Insta profile picture in full size and download its in original quality 

Using a imginn account, you can view the Ig DP in full-size as well as  download this profile picture in its original quality.

Ig doesn’t provide the feature to view someone’s Insta profile picture in full-size. You can not even download it.

Download pictures and videos from insta story

On this site, you get an option to download the posts and videos from Ig. You just need to search for the username on imginn, go to the account, and download that picture.

On Instagram, there is no option to download posts and videos. You can just download your own story there.

Copy caption & hashtags 

You can copy captions and hashtags using this site. This is very useful while using the app. 

This facility is not available on the main Instagram app. You can only view the caption and hashtag.

Is it anonymous?

Yes. imginn is completely anonymous. You can view IG stories and post through this web viewer anonymously. 

You don’t need to have an account to log in to Insta. Thus, you can also view Insta accounts and profile pictures through websites like this. You can just search the username and view their stories, and they will never know about it. Isn’t it cool?

There may be times when you urgently need imginn, and it stops working. You might get no results. For those situations, you should make backup websites like imginn.

Alternative websites

An alternative website is This tool gives all the facilities that are provided by imginn.

Why choose imginn?

There are several features that make it special. Here are some listed below.

  • It is free
  • It is easy to use
  • Download unique posts online without even signing in with your insta ID.
  • You can also see that person’s user history, which you might be interested in.
  • No one can view your activity.
  • This is a secure way to browse downloaded posts.
  • It is the perfect website to be used with the Instagram app

View and Download Instagram story

There are times when you look for a way to see someone’s insta story, without them knowing. This occurs when you are stalking them on Instagram.

There is a solution to this problem. You can view someone’s ig story anonymously Using various insta story viewer sites like

Follow the steps given below to view and download ig story anonymously. 

  1. Search the official website on any search engine site.
  2. On the search bar, search the username which you are looking for. 
  1. Click on the profile 
  1. From the account opened, open the story
  2. On the right side corner you will get the option to download the story.

Your name will not be displayed on the viewer’s list. You will be able to see and download ig stories anonymously.

Imginn app

There is no imginn app. As a result, you will be unable to download any such app from the Playstore.You can access it only in the form of a website.

Why is imginn not working?

Due to technical problems or website construction sometimes it stops working. 

If this web- viewer is not working, you can switch to other websites, for example, smihub

Imginn review 

This website is being used by a lot of people and the review shows a very positive response. People are using and suggesting this website among their friends very extensively.

This site gives them the features which lacked in the main app of insta. Thus its popularity is increasing with each passing day.

Profile picture in full-size 

Instagram does not let you view someone’s account without sending them a follow request. But you can do so by using various Ig profile viewer sites available online. 

This feature of Ig makes us curious to see the dp of people. It is really exciting to know that you can even download it in its original quality. Along with this you get many more exciting features. 

The best available instagram profile viewer is imginn. Follow the steps mentioned below to understand the whole process. 

Steps to follow: 

The steps to use the website is very simple. Here it goes: 

  1. Go to any search engine site and search
  2. Next page will open. There you will see a search bar.
  3. Search the username in the search bar
  4. The account will open.
  5. Click on the profile picture. It will open in full-size. 

This option is very helpful if you are blocked but want to stalk someone on Instagram.

What we can’t do on this website

There is a list of activities that you can’t perform on imginn. All those are listed below.

  • You cannot post pictures and videos.
  • comment on someone’s post.
  •  like someone’s posts.
  • tag anyone.
  • put a story.
  • message to anyone.
  •  share posts and videos with anyone.
  • Join live 

Final thought 

You now know everything about the best free online web-viewer 

Imginn Instagram gives you the liberty to enjoy all the features which are restricted on the main ig app. You can see and download ig stories and posts in a completely anon way.

If you found this information interesting and useful, don’t forget to share it with your near and dear ones.


Is imginn legal to use ?

Yes. imginn is legal to use. It is a perfectly secure and authorized website. 

Is imginn safe?

Yes. imginn is perfectly safe and secure to be used. It doesn’t ask for any permission or cookies while being used. It is completely safe for your device as well.

Can I block someone on imginn?

Yes. You can block people using imginn. You just need to go to the insta profile, click on the three-dotted menu. Then, click on “Block. The account will be blocked.

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