I’m a dreams expert – here’s what 10 common dreams really mean


SLEEP experts have uncovered what the most common dreams are across the world, and what they mean.

From crashing a car to cheating on your partner – most of us have endured nightmares, while cats, docs, and flying dreams can be quite pleasant.

The sleep experts at SleepSeeker have revealed the most common types of dreams by looking at Google searches over the last year.

They found that dreaming of snakes is the most common researched dream by far.

It is the most Googled dream topic in 47 UK cities, with almost 170,000 searches per year.

Following behind was pregnancy, with 69,000, and cats and dogs – each with 66,000.

Here, Hayley Thistleton, sleep expert at Sleepseeker, gave insight into what your dreams could mean.


Snakes were the most researched dream in the UK and globally.

“Snake dreams are the most popular dream topic in the world, as the most Google-searched dream topic in six of the countries we looked at,” Hayley said. 

“In Canada, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States snake dreams are the most common.

“Snake dreams can be positive or negative, with big snakes sometimes representing good fortune and aggressive snakes potentially representing toxic people.

“Snake dreams can represent rebirth, shedding skin and moving on or can symbolise a challenge or situation that could be frustrating you. 

“If your snake dreams are recurring, this could indicate the snake is representative of a toxic person or situation in your life that you’re trying to escape from.”


Pregnancy dreams – the most common dream topic in Lichfield and second in the UK overall – can often represent more things than just having a baby.

Hayley said: “If you aren’t planning on having a baby, your pregnancy dreams could be an indicator of growth in your life, nurturing career opportunities, or they could symbolise starting again.”

And if you are pregnant, it’s no wonder you may dream of giving birth.


Our feline friends were the most searched for dream topic in three countries.

And in the UK, it came third place, which is no surprise given that they are so often a pet. People in Chester are always dreaming of cats, the data suggest.

“Dreams usually reflect our everyday lives, so it’s no surprise that cat dreams are one of the most common types in the nation,” Hayley said. 

“Cats are often a symbol of love, creativity or power. Cat dreams have also been linked to curiosity and independence.

“Being scratched by a cat in your dream can indicate feelings of being threatened while interacting with a happy cat can represent fertility, love or landing back on your feet after a tough situation.”


Dogs were the most researched dream in four countries, as well as seven UK cities. 

Hayley said: “Dreams or nightmares about dogs can depend on the dog’s mood in your dream.

“Happy dogs can represent recovery or nurturing from a loved one, while dreams about aggressive dogs can indicate communication issues.

“Dogs appearing in your dreams can represent an omen to reassess the people you trust. Pay attention to the dog’s attitude which can reveal more about what or who they represent.”

Being chased 

This dream – the fifth most common in the UK – is bound to make you sweat.

“Although dreams of being chased can be related to your daily life, often occurring after watching a horror movie or being chased by a dog, these dreams can also represent your feelings,” Hayley said.

“Recurring dreams of being chased can indicate fear, close-mindedness or avoidance in your everyday life.”


Flying is often a positive dream, and is the most searched topic in four countries

But although pleasant, it may have a more sorrowful meaning.

“Dreams of flying can represent feelings of freedom or the desire to break free from a difficult situation,” Hayley said.

“If you are flying with ease in your dream this could be symbolic of you regaining control.”


Is there anything worse than waking up convinced your partner has cheated on you? Even worse, feeling guilty for doing so in your dreams.

Cheating dreams are one of the most common dreams in the world, as the most popular dream in two countries, coming seventh in the UK. 

“The other person involved in the cheating can be symbolic of something you desire in your own life, or might possess an attribute you admire,” said Hayley.

Hair falling out

Queue the panic – dreaming of your hair falling out is one of the worst to have.

And it affects tens of thousands a year, being the eighth most commonly searched dream.

Hayley said: “Hair falling out usually represents concerns about growing older and having to face the reality that your physical appearance is changing/

“You are ageing, your hair is getting thinner, greyer… It might also represent your fear of being less attractive, health concerns, major life transitions or loss of control over something.”


Dreaming of falling is an odd one – it’s often over quickly because you’ll likely wake up before you land or die.

“Dreaming of falling can represent the fear and anxiety that stems from losing control over significant aspects of your life,” Hayley said.

Crashing a car 

“Finally, crashing a car is not necessarily a prophetic dream,” said Hayley.

“Most of the time, they represent control and your relationship with it. It could mean that something is out of your control or that your life is about to change drastically.”

Crashing a car was the tenth most popular dream.

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