I was looking for a charity shop bargain but found something else – my high school boyfriend has a lot to answer for


SHE’D been hunting for a bargain at her local charity shop.

But Kaylee Powell ended up finding something VERY different in the bargain shop – a sweet memento she’d made her high school boyfriend 10 years ago.

Kaylee took to TikTok to share a video from inside the store, as she picked up the stained glass picture of two bunnies embracing.

“We were at our local Goodwill bargain shop and walking past the shelf when we stumbled across this, which is a piece I made 10 years ago for my high school boyfriend,” she began.

Turning it over, she revealed a pink background, adding: “You can see that he painted over my love letter but that’s where my signature was.”

“I want to buy it, I want to see if I can fix it up and if I can unveil the love letter I wrote,” she said.

Back at home, Kaylee began by applying a spray to try and get the paint off, before discovering that scraping it with a razor blade was more effective.

“Ladies and gentlemen I have cracked the code,” she said excitedly after getting enough of the paint off to reveal the words beneath.

She then proceeded to read out the letter in all its glory, beginning: “I honestly can’t believe that it’s only been a couple of weeks.

“The memories we’ve made, the mornings we’ve shared and the love I’ve gained are priceless.

“I really don’t know what you see in me, I don’t know why you care, but I’m just so glad you’ve found something you find worthwhile in me, and I’m so glad and thankful that I can call you mine.

“I hope we have a thousand more anniversaries after this. I hope that this is the end of my old life and the start of my new one.”

There was another section of writing in which she’d penned: “I love you more than words could ever say and I hope that will never change.

“You are my beacon of salvation, the stars in my night sky and my best friend. I love you, Kaylee.”

As well as a note which read: “Sorry I had to share my feels.”

Concluding her video, Kaylee said: “Reading this I found the entire thing to be very cringe but also very funny, so it kind of balances out.

“And it’s nice to have a relic of the past.

“It’s a nice reminder of just how awful high school was but how much I loved doing stained glass!”

People in the comments section were quick to have their say on the sweet tale, but many were left stunned that Kaylee had made the memento after just two weeks of dating.

“a couple of weeks!” one wrote.

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