“I Sit By Myself Talking To The Moon” TikTok Song Lyrics & Videos

The song, “I sit by myself talking to the moon” has become viral on TikTok attracting millions of users to create a video on that sound. 

If one music was trending on TikTok yesterday, something else is trending today. Every day, a new trend emerges and goes viral on Tiktok.

Similarly, a new craze has begun, which is to create a remix of a song. Bruno Mars’s “I sit by myself talking to the moon” in particular. Let’s talk about the trend in this article. 

“I Sit By Myself Talking To The Moon” TikTok Song

“I sit by myself talking to the moon” is one of the most popular and widely used songs among TikTok users. The song has perfect lyrics and a sudden increase in the music in between.

This has resulted in a transition point in the sound, providing users with more opportunities to express themselves creatively.

Whether it is the remix version of the song or the original song, both have attracted a large number of creators.

In addition, you can also find the collection of such TikTok songs along with remixes on Youtube. 

Scroll down to discover, what are the different remix that has been created till now. 

“I Sit By Myself Talking To The Moon” Lyrics & Its Remix Version

This song by Bruno Mars has been trending over TikTok for a long period of time. Let us take you through all the lyrics and the remix version that has been created by TikTok users till now. 

A new trend has emerged in TikTok, in which users remix the original lyrics of a song with lyrics from another song.

The main original lyric that is remixed with other songs is;

I sit by myself, talking to the moon.

And after, the song is followed by different other mashups. One of the most popular ones is its remix with the Arcade song.@yaboyharhar Posting on Youtube and soundcloud soon! What remix should I do next? #foryoupage #foryou #fyp #remix #talkingtothemoon #lovingyouisalosinggame ♬ Talking To the Moon X Arcade – Harry Morelli

The remix goes as,

I sit by myself talking to the moon,

Oh, oh-ooh-oh, All I know, all I know
Loving you is a losing game

Oh, oh-ooh-oh. 

This video has gained over a million views and likes. 

And another most perfectly matched remix is with “Get you” by Daniel Caesar. The remix goes as;

I sit by myself talking to the moon,

Ooh, who would’ve thought I’d get you?

Ooh, who would’ve thought I’d get you?

Similar to this you can find various mashups of the song in the Tiktok. It’s also an actual talent to do so. 

The original title of the song, I sit by myself talking to the moon” is “Talking To The Moon”, by Bruno Mars. We will go over the original sound as well as the trends and challenges that have emerged in TikTok.

The original lyrics of the song can be found here. However, we will present you the lyrics that have been mostly used by TikTok users to recreate their videos. 

The song goes as;

At night when the stars light up my room
I sit by myself talking to the moon

Tryna get to you
In hopes, you’re on the other side talking to me too
Or am I a fool who sits alone talking to the moon?@bycbvisuals New York City?? music by: @zanaviamusic #nyc #cinematic #cinematics #tiktoktravel #fypdoesntwork #isitbymyselftalkingtothemoon #remix #newyorkcity ♬ Talking To The Moon X Gold – ZANAVIA?

Furthermore, recently more TikTok trends and challenges have been emerged in TikTok, which you might be well aware of. And of them is creating a mashup and remix version of the song.

Users are not only remixing the song’s other English songs but with other Bollywood songs as well. This remix has made it easy for TikTok users to utilize their creativity. 

As seen in the majority of the video, one half of the sound is used to depict one aspect of their lives, while the other half is used to explore a different aspect.

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