Rohit Roy is not a typical TikTok star.He doesn’t dance, sing, or make memes about millennial reasons You should stop wearing skinny jeans.. A 42-year-old financial planning assistant from Melbourne found one fame online. That is to stop soft drinks.

Roy has attracted about 250,000 TikTok followers by sharing daily video updates that seriously document his journey to start a lifelong soft drink addiction. He has now passed 365 days and hasn’t dropped anything, but all the videos start in the same way. “Hello everyone. There are no sodas today.”

Going to a cold turkey with coke helped Roy turn over the new leaves. In 2020 his social media presence landed him a gig as a Weight Watchers Ambassador.

“I feel like a completely different person now.” He recently told his followers.. “My life is full of positive physical and mental activity and I enjoy every moment of it.”

Roy I told Guardian Australia last year The support he received at TikTok made it easier to stay in a soft drink-free wagon. Given how important social media was to his journey, it’s not surprising that Roy rates his smartphone as an object that can’t live without him. Here he talks about why his cell phone is so convenient and some other important belongings.


Rohit Roy sits in the backyard and reads one of the life-changing books. Photo: Rohit Roy

Save three books that have changed my life positively and completely. They are a way to stop worrying and start living, a positive power of thought, and awakening the inner Buddha. I owe them everything I have today.

If I lose it, I think I can buy it again, but the new book doesn’t contain any memories, feelings, or feelings. These three books are my companions in an era when I was stressed, depressed and negative.

I have learned from the past and moved on, but these books have saved me and I will cherish them forever. I want to believe that these books chose me. I still read them over and over again, energizing myself and feeling fresh again.


Neither shape nor shape I’m addicted to my cell phone, but it’s my most useful object.

I recorded my entire life with it, and it’s always with me. Whether it’s a journey to get rid of my addiction to sodas or a journey to lose weight, my phone helped me capture these memories. I also use it to communicate with people who support me.

I have a great memory and can remember most things, but I still use my phone as a true companion to help me when I need it. It helps me stay in touch with my family and friends and stay social. And of course, you can listen to your favorite music, watch videos, and shop, which helps you relax.


What I regret most about losing is the audio cassette I lost when I was 12 or 13.

I was born and raised in India. One day I saw a Bollywood movie and loved it. It was a remake of a South Indian movie, and my dad was on a business trip, so I had the opportunity to visit South India later. When I got there, I bought a cassette containing the South Indian version of the movie. I took the train home and eagerly waited to come back to hear it. But when I got home, I noticed that I had a cassette somewhere on the train. I was very disappointed and very regretted this.

At that time, there was no internet in my area, so downloading songs was not easy. I was very excited to hear the South Indian version of my favorite song, but unfortunately I didn’t get the chance. This memory will probably remain with me forever.

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