Are you tired of the or errors during your streaming that latest movie or tv show on Kodi? Do you want to know how to fix If yes, then we know how you feel, and you must know you are in the right place as we will help you get the solution to these errors.

Kodi media player is one of the very best labels in the area of entertainment. It gives lots of great movies, tv shows, dramas, among others. Kodi users get to the server through the, and the to enjoy great entertainment.

These servers are the largest with a wide range of video files, and that’s why a lot of users send requests to them.

While streaming, users encounter various streaming authorization errors such as the, pair/pair, among others. All these errors can be fixed, and you can still get to enjoy your shows and movies.


Before fixing any error, you need to find out what exactly caused the error before you attempt anything. In this case, streaming authorization error is quite simple when you can put two and two together. Streaming+authorization, this you need to authorize your streaming. Therefore, this error only occurs when your streaming isn’t authorized.

Kodi media player provides a variety of media content like dramas, movies, tv shows, and so much more, which is given from remote servers. With plenty of Kodi users, both scrappers and bots trying to access the content, this can lead to the server shutting down. Therefore, to make its content accessible to all of its users. This should also include control traffic, and streaming authorization is put in place.


These are the largest video servers that hold hundreds of thousands of video files. Many Kodi add-on developers scrap video content from these servers using python codes as well as scripts. With over millions of requests going to these servers every single second, the developers had to start asking to pair your device.

Like we mentioned above, all those requests were leading to slow down and crash of the servers. Therefore, you have to pair your IP address with the, the and servers.

How sites like the, and help in fixing the stream authorization

With lots of providers available on the internet to offer streaming services, traffic can be really high because they are used publicly. With the use of streaming authorization, heavy traffic is prevented.

These providers have got 2 sites each for pairing purposes like the provider have got the plus as their two official pairing sites. You are asked to authorize your IP address by visiting any of the two sites depending on traffic as well as location.

Once you do so, you get streaming for 4 hours as we shall see in one of our methods to fix the errors. Once you are done with the 4 hours, you have to repeat the process. This process helps to limit traffic, and you can get content on first come, first serve basis. These authenticated IP addresses are the only ones allowed to access video content of the server at the permitted time frame well as the other IP addresses are denied access.


In order to fix,, errors of stream authorization, the user should verify their IP address. First, before we get to fixing, let’s suggest you enable VPN.


Your IP address is visible to the public, and this is a great risk that your taking. As you watch your favorite tv shows, PPV, movies, live streaming videos and so much more from your very own IP address, this can pose a serious security risk to you.

Also, the fact that very few Kodi add-ons are geo-restricted meaning very few can’t be accessed by all users well as many can be, you have to be able to overcome such issues.

That’s why a Kodi VPN is recommended. Here is how you can enable a VPN.

Once you’re using VPN on your device, you will have to enable it. You can do so by selecting your VPN location and then connecting it. We do suggest that you use IPvanish, which is the strongest of all that is, of course, after testing various VPN services. You can also try express VPN, which is also good. You can use any of them on your Kodi device because:

  • It’s the fastest
  • You will experience buffer-free streaming
  • It has a highly encrypted security system to keep you anonymous online
  • You will be able to unlock geo-blocked content

Therefore, you can launch your IPvanish VPN on any of your devices, select the location, and then connect. With that said let us get to fixing. You can decide to use any of these methods to fix any of the errors.



This so far is the easiest method to most users. It requires very little time, and it involves your IP authorized straight from the provider site. Let’s take you through this method step by step.

  • Step 1

Open your web browser. Once there enter one of the URL that pops up in the Kodi error window. It can be any of the following

  • stream authorization
  • etc.


When using Kodi on fire sticks, in most, you cannot open the URL. You can connect any other device like a laptop, phone or PC to the exact IP address and then open the URL that you got. You have to make sure that the device is also connected to the same exact internet connection.

  • Step 2

In certain cases, you may be asked to solve a captcha. If you are, then do so and then click on activate streaming. Sometimes it might bring right away activate streaming so don’t worry if you’re not asked to solve a captcha.

After activating streaming, a message will pop up saying that your IP is authenticated for 4 hours. After enjoying your streaming for 4 hours, you will have to authorize streaming again following these steps.


We highly recommend you use VPN like IP Vanish. This actually helps you to mask your actual IP address, and with that, you get to authorize streaming with a different IP address. With several IPs to mask from VPN, you can easily use another IP to mask yourself and get unlimited time streaming.


Disabling Hosters with captcha

This method is done with the add-ons of the Kodi media player. With this option, you can edit the settings of the add-ons. You can follow these steps to disable hosters with captcha.

  • Step 1

Click on the add-on then select settings.

  • Step 2

Select playback menu

  • Step 3

Click on the roster with captcha option. Disable it.

With this method, you can disable all the posters with captcha.


This method requires you to do so for each movie add-ons, respectively. This can take a lot of time, and if you’re not the patient type, then we have yet another method for you that will be quick and help you out.


Configure URL resolver

With most Kodi users having multiple video add-ons, disabling captcha can be a waste of time that is by disabling one by one. Once scrappers fetch source links, they are then filtered and resolved by URL resolver to point the original server. Using this method, you get to block some of the provider’s site with captcha, and you only get to do this once for all your add-ons.

Follow the steps below to configure URL resolver

  • Step 1

On your Kodi app, go to settings then system settings and then click to change the mode from standard mode to expert mode

  • Step 2

In the add-on menu, select manage dependencies.

  • Step 3

From the list, click URL resolver then select configure

  • Step 4

You will get hosters under resolver 1 to resolver # in alphabetical order.

  • Step 5

Select any resolver and disable the hosters with captcha.


If you are using fire sticks, you have to connect your Kodi software with or servers. The mobile device you use should be connected to the same internet connection.

Various streaming software such as Kodi, Showbox,  streamio among others uses, and servers to provide a joint streaming dashboard to their users. stream authorization and other pairing systems are to balance the user loads, and this is put in place by the developers.

All you have to do is choose any of the above methods you prefer and follow the steps below it to fix, pair/pair and the pair/pair stream authorization.

We hope we have explained to the fullest and left you without any confusion and you can now finally fix those stream authorization errors.

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