Embroidery Patch Tattoos are a Thing!


Nowadays, it seems like everyone has a tattoo. Whether it’s a small one on their neck or a full arm sleeve, tattoos are more popular than ever and very safe art practice.

Tattooing is a form of art that has been in existence for the longest time, and tattoo artists are some of the most skilled artists you’ll ever meet.  Just like any other art, tattoos come in different styles. For example, there are tatts in retro style, shading, minimalist tattoos, among many others.

However, the tattoo industry is always evolving, and the latest obsession is embroidery tattoos. These tattoos are truly breathtaking and are unique in style. Embroidery tattoos look like the embroidered patches have been stitched directly on your skin.

If your tattoo artists does it perfectly, someone may easily think you cut out your grandmas embroidery and sewed it on your skin. The tattoos have an almost 3D appearance as they stick out of your skin.

What’s the process like?

Just to calm you down, there is no needle and thread here. Embroidery tattoos are created like they have been stitched on and are also referred to as patch tattoos. They are similar to those patches you ironed on your denim jacket back in the day.

If you choose to get an embroidery tattoo, you can get a design to honour your grandma if she loved doing some needlework. You can pick any design you want and choose your inks, just like threads. In a matter of hours, you will have your embroidery tattoo on your body. The good thing is that they have the added benefit of looking like a 3D design.

However, if you decide to use more colours, your patch tattoo will take more time because the artist has to wash the needle each time they change colours. This ensures a clean and neat pattern with each colour change.

There are many design options

Embroidery tattoos can be customised to fit any taste and preferences. When it comes to embroidery tattoos, there are many options for textures and fine details.  They don’t need to have that knitted effect.  While searching around for inspiration designs, you are likely to see a lot of patch tattoos. However, if you like keeping things simple, then go for a straightforward design.

What is the best style for embroidery tattoos?

It is with no doubt that embroidery tattoos are becoming popular and trendy. If you are considering getting one, you may be wondering what style is best for you.

While anything you love can be drawn as an embroidery tattoo, nature-inspired images are best.  For instance, a flower tattoo will make a great pick because of the beautiful patterns.

Animal patch tattoos will make significant motifs. Cute animals look even better when embroidered well.


Just like with any other tattoos, weigh your options carefully before making a final decision. Remember, this is a trend, so before rushing to ink your body permanently, think it through. Once you have made up your mind, make sure to go to a highly experienced professionalwith this kind of tattoos. Embroidery tattoos are about precision and detail; you need someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

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