Dr Betts Decatur Illinois Wife Shot: Who Murdered Carol Betts?


Many people are speculating Dr. Betts Decatur shot her wife. Is it real or just a rumor, let’s find it. 

Professionally, Dr. Betts Decatur was a doctor and pediatrician from the United Kingdom. 

He was an inspirational pediatrician who worked for over 20 years which led to the growth of pediatric and child protection services. He was a renowned pediatrician who began his career splitting time between Royal Hampshire Country Hospital in Winchester and Southampton General Hospital. 

Betts was retired almost 14 years before his death, due to his deteriorating health. 

Dr. Betts Decatur Illinois Wife Shot: Who Murdered Carol Betts?

Dr. Betts Decatur was accused of killing his wife and many people speculate that he shot his wife. 

But, as of now, there is no truth regarding this news. Some people said that he might have killed his wife due to his mental health. He was suffered from serious anxiety and mental health. 

He was worsening day by day and that was the main reason he left his profession as a doctor and was retired in the early days. He was very determined regarding his work as he gave much participation for his passion. 

Dr Peter Betts, 76, suffered serious anxiety after being told about the case and died before police could tell him they were taking no further action.

Retired doctor took his own life after interview over historic allegation

— Linda – #justicesystemfailedus (@Elsie2127) February 13, 2020

Did Dr. Betts Kill His Wife?

No, Dr. Betts has not killed his wife. The allegations against Dr, Peter are false and there is no proof against that. 

But, it is known that Dr. Betts suffered from mental health so, many people believed that he might kill his wife due to his health. 

The charges against Dr. Betts are not true and the investigations by the detectives have said his allegations are false. 

His wife was very supportive even though she knew Dr. Betts suffered from mental health. Dr. Betts was found missing on October 14, 2019, and was later found dead in his backyards. He was found dead in the field of his Compton house with stab wounds to his chest and heart. 

At the time of his death, dozens of tributes flooded in from patients, friends, and family members. 

His son Dr. Timothy Betts said, “he was an extremely well-respected pediatrician and a great father”. 

Dr. Betts Family Details 

Dr. Betts’s wife was very supportive and caring.

He and his wife have three children together, Anna, Sarah, and Tim. He was a very caring husband and a mindful dad as he gives as much an ideal opportunity to his family varying for his vocation. 

But, unfortunately, he was found dead in his backyards. He was the best doctor who had over 50 years of experience in the field. 

Police launch appeal to find Dr Peter Betts from Winchester

— Daily Echo (@dailyecho) October 14, 2019

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