Today in this guide, we will tell you how to install and activate the Curiosity Stream app on your streaming devices by link. In CuriosityStream, you can see short stories, documentaries, entertainment, science-related content, and more.

The standalone OTT media platform in the year 2015 was transformed into a major entertainment and media business over time and boasts more than 16 million customers around the world in 2021.

This is Curiosity Stream which is an American truthful media company that provides fantastic video programming. Suppose you are a fan of original documentaries or short-form videos and TV shows.

Find your preferred channel on your preferred streaming gadget by just entering the exclusive activation code from the official website, i.e., (

How to sign up with CuriosityStream? – Select your Subscription Plan

Follow Steps to sign to join CuriosityStream:

  • Go to the official CuriosityStream –
  • Hit the “Sign Up Now” button.
  • In this case, you must verify the package which is suitable for you.

You can select one that is a monthly subscription (most versatile) and the annually-based package (most well-known and most valuable).

  • HD Monthly Most Flexible Plan at $2.99/-
  • HD Annual Most Popular & Best Value Plan at $19.99/-
  • 4K Monthly Highly Flexible for Best Picture Quality Plan at $9.99/-
  • 4K Annual Best Priced for Best Picture Quality Plan at $69.99/-

Select the appropriate option and proceed to the next step, where you will be required to enter certain information.

  • You’ll need to enter an email account and password.
  • Click “Continue to Last Step
  • Pay your bill, and you’re completed.
  • Input your credit card payment information – First Name, last name, country, and Credit Card Details.
  • Click “Sign up now.”

You’ve successfully registered with CuriosityStream. All you have to do is enable the channel by following the activation procedures. You can enjoy endless minutes of fun.

How to log into CuriosityStream?

  • To log in to Curiosity Stream, you need to go to the login site.
  • Find in the center of your screen, and there is a marker within the section.
  • The user has to give their email address or telephone number within the appropriate space.
  • Input the password into the field below.
  • Click the Login button, and It’ll take you to the console for managing your account.

Forgot Password:

  • If you’re not able to recall your password, head to the login page.
  • Find the login widget, which is in the middle.
  • Click on the “Forgot your password?” The link is located beneath the area to enter the password.
  • Fourthly, a new screen with a section to reset passwords appears.
  • Input the email that is associated with your account and then click the “Email Me” button.
  • The system will now provide you with a link to reset your password by email.

How to on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Smart TV? on Roku:

  • Get the updated Roku version and go to the homepage.
  • Search “Curiosity app” and install/download the app.
  • Launch the app and complete the sign-in procedure.
  • If you have registered your contact details, It will then provide you with an activation code.
  • From your browser, go to .
  • Within the box, enter an activation code.
  • For the final sign-in procedure to complete the sign-in process, press enter.

Watch Curiosity TV On Apple TV:

  • Before starting the process, ensure that you have your iOS device is up to the latest version.
  • Look for the Curiosity TV app in the App Store.
  • Install the application on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Complete the sign-in form.
  • You must wait for the activation code. It will arrive via the mail or on your registered number.
  • From your Safari browser, go to
  • Within the box, enter an activation code.
  • Get ready to stream all of your favorite movies and shows.

How to use on Fire TV

  • Open your Fire TV and search for the Curiosity App.
  • If you have a smartphone, then download it on your smartphone.
  • Start the app on the home screen.
  • Complete the sign-in form using your mobile number.
  • From the Amazon browser, go to .
  • Inside the window, enter your activation number.
  • Then there’s nothing to it! You can now enjoy every show at your own pace and from the private space of your home. on smart TV

  • On your smartphone, Go to your device’s Google Play store.
  • Search for the Curiosity TV app to install on the device.
  • Launch the application and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the sign-in procedure.
  • After receiving an activation code on your phone, go to
  • Inside the window, enter your activation number.
  • You can also watch all the fantastic documentaries and content you’ve always wanted to watch.

How to Watch CuriosityStream via Roku?

Roku is among the devices that are compatible or supported that work with CuriosityStream. Here are the best ways to go about it if you want to enable the channel on your streaming device.

  • Connect your Roku device with TV and go to the Roku Channel Store.
  • Install/download the app and launch it on your device.
  • Then add it when you find it, add it to the Roku device.
  • You will receive a unique activation code that will be displayed on your television.
  • Access the page ( on your computer and enter the code.
  • Click the “Continue” button to complete the procedure.

Log onto the website on your Roku device and stream your most incredible CuriosityStream documentary series as well as other CuriosityStream shows.

Curiosity streaming app, you can:

  • Unlimited streaming HD TV shows and documentaries
  • Discover more than 4,000 hours of entertainment and lifestyle content with new programming added regularly.
  • Create a safe learning environment
  • Send what you like to your loved ones with just a click.
  • Enjoy unlimited entertainment and fun with up to two of your devices simultaneously.
  • With audio options in 8 languages, you can stream your favorite TV shows in your preferred language.
  • Create your own “Watchlist” so you can browse your library easily
  • Search for your favorite TV shows and stars by using voice search.
  • Access to complete seasons of TV shows, Documentaries, short video clips
  • This Child Lock feature allows you to stream 18+ shows such as Naked and Afraid, Love Island, and Love at First Sight on the largest screen.

CuriosityStream Supported Devices

  • Additionally, you can enable the channel from the device you prefer.
  • Devices that support CuriosityStream play a significant part if you want to experience all that CuriosityStream offers.
  • These include smartphones streamers, TVs with smart features, Chromecast, and many more.
  • Android TV, Amazon Fire TV + Stick, Chromecast, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku, LG, Sony, TiVo, Samsung, and Vizio.

CuriosityStream Original Documentary Video including features and series

  • CuriosityStream will never let you be without content regardless of whether you are looking to the ancient world or are looking to discover your planet.
  • It strives to bring you interesting new series and videos each week.
  • For this to happen, it is as easy as join CuriosityStream to download the app channel and install it, and then turn on the app on any streaming devices that can support it.
  • You can do this by visiting the URL page for .

Browse through the list of listed categories:

  • Kids’ activities that stimulate curiosity include History STEAM Space Exploration, Dinosaurs, Nature, and Current Events.
  • Activities that stimulate curiosity for adults, such as:
  • Science: Space, Physics, Mind, Genetics, Biology, Medicine, Psychology, Geology, and Evolution

Societies: Issues of Social Economic Development, Entrepreneurship, Politics, Democracy Commerce and Commerce, etc.

Nature: Natural habits, Earth, Birds, Animals, Insects, Prehistoric Creatures, etc. Lifestyle home projects, food, and food, performing arts, philosophy, Creative Thinking, Travel, Health & Wellness Technology History, and much more. So, we hope this guide is helpful for you to enable Curiosity Stream on the device that allows users to stream and stream their favorite shows and videos.

Curiosity Stream – The Award-Winning Destination for Original Documentary Series and Features

  • Curiosity Stream ensures that you don’t have a shortage of movies or shows, and it is adding each week with new content that is worth binge-watching.

Follow the steps to download the app, and activate it on one of the supported devices using the page:

Find what you enjoy from various choices, including Science, Nature, Technology, History and Society and Lifestyle, Kids, and much more.

  • Science: Physics, Space, Mind, Biology, Genetics, Medicine, Evolution, Geology, and Psychology
  • Nature: Earth, Animals, Birds, Insects, Natural Habits, Oceans, Plants, and Prehistoric Creatures
  • History: Prehistory, Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Aviation, Biographies, Megastructures, and Military
  • Technology: Energy, Engineering, Transportation, Communications, Nanotechnology, Artificial Intelligence, Privacy & Security, and Social Web
  • Society: Entrepreneurship, Social Issues, Politics, Crime & Forensics, Economics, Business & Commerce, Democracy, and Current Events
  • Lifestyle: Food, Collecting, Performing Arts, Creativity, Home Projects, Philosophy, Health & Wellness, and Travel
  • Kids: STEAM, History, Space Exploration, Nature, Dinosaurs, and Current Events’S

How can I add CuriosityStream to my TV?

Install the CuriosityStream application to the device you own, Android smartphone or iOS. Log into your account with CuriosityStream. Choose a show you want to stream, and then hit the Chromecast icon to connect and streaming CuriosityStream on your TV.

Is CuriosityStream free with Amazon Prime?

While it’s accessible on Amazon Prime Video, it is not available on the Amazon Prime Video channel;
you’ll need to purchase the CuriosityStream service after the seven-day trial period.

How can I watch the Curiosity stream for free?

It is possible to access CuriosityStream via the Airtel Xstream app and also the website. Airtel thanks users at the platinum and gold levels will have free access to CuriosityStream.

Is CuriosityStream worth the money?

CuriosityStream is worth its cost, considering its impressive library and how highly rated its documentaries are by viewers. Also, it depends on what you’re looking to find.

Does CuriosityStream avail a free trial?

Prime Video subscription. Before this, new customers were eligible to be able to avail of a 7-day trial. However, there’s no longer a trial for the free option. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to try the service at no cost. It’s a free week-long trial if you sign up for CuriosityStream to the Prime Video subscription.

Is CuriosityStream Commercial-free?

The ad-free version of CuriosityStream is very affordable. If you’re looking for high-quality streaming for your TV with 4K resolution, you’ll be charged $7.00 extra per month. In truth, HD is a good option for the majority of us.

I can’t seem to get my TV to connect to curiosity tv ?

Make sure to check with your cable provider to confirm if you’re on an active account.
Also, you must ensure that you’re using valid and authentic login credentials.

Is it possible to watch shows outside of my viewing area?

Yes, you can stream curiosity online from anywhere. Some shows are accessible to those in the US market.

What if my device or app provider does not offer the Curiosity app?

Download the app on the official site or wait for it to be available.

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