Attack on Titan: Is Zeke Yeager actually good?


Zeke Yeager was introduced to the Attack on Titan world as one of the main antagonists. He used the petrifying aptitude of the Beast Titan to violently throw projectiles at rivals. This inevitably led to him becoming a nemesis of Levi Ackerman.

In spite of his many atrocious acts, Zeke had redeemable factors. These suggested he wasn’t as villainous as Attack on Titan painted him to be.

Zeke has had moments of nobility sprinkled in with his worst crimes, causing Attack on Titan fans to question the villain he is made out to be. This article would contrast his actions and leave it up to the reader to decide whether Zeke Yeager is good or bad.


Zeke Yeager’s most villainous acts in Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan started Zeke on his path to wrongdoing almost immediately. It all began when he betrayed his parent’s trust, selling them out to the Marleyan state. Zeke’s actions put an end to the Eldian revolution.

Although he cannot be completely scrutinized for this action, it still wasn’t his best moment. He eventually created hundreds of pure Titans, who would put the plot of Attack on Titan into action.

As the years of Attack on Titan rolled by, Zeke grew older and meaner. He was responsible for massacring the Survey Corps scouts, not to mention the death of Erwin Smith. He even turned Captain Levi’s own men into Titans in an attempt to kill him.

Zeke Yeager’s few redeeming factors

Despite being responsible for many of the adverse events in Attack on Titan, Zeke Yeager had some redeeming factors. At a young age, he trained with the Marleyan warriors in order to secure the Beast Titan. Never losing sight of his father, Grisha Yeager’s dream, Zeke always wanted to free his oppressed Eldian people.

In execution of that goal, Eren Yeager took an intentional dive when Eren and the rest of the Survey Corps attacked Marley. Instead of jeopardizing that mission, Zeke took a deliberate fall, allowing Levi to defeat him. In season four of Attack on Titan, Zeke’s true plans are revealed.

While they are far from moral, Zeke is trying to free the Eldians without bloodshed. Which, in and of itself, is noble. He even helped Captain Levi and his team against the Marleyan invasion.

Final thoughts

Attack on Titan has built a reputation for being unpredictable. The characters are definitely an indicator of that. Zeke Yeager, while wreaking havoc on the Attack on Titan universe, had a good streak. His ultimate goal of a bloodless resolution is not bad or villainous. However, the way he is going about achieving this goal is less than ethical.

Zeke’s personality is neither black nor white, making it hard to say which end of the morality spectrum he falls on. His complexity mimics that of people in the real world. Proving exactly why Attack on Titan is as loved a series as it is.

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