The pandemic forced many businesses to switch to hybrid or remote working. When the world opened back up during the pandemic, businesses tried to switch back to onsite working, but their employees did not want this. It was found that most people preferred remote or even hybrid working for a multitude of reasons. 

Hybrid working refers to a work model that gives employees the flexibility of working remotely or onsite. This gives employees the choice of working onsite or offsite based on the discretion of their employers. This means that people can choose to work onsite or offsite or some employers may even allow people to split up their schedule as needed. Companies who provide IT Managed Services London businesses use for example, have found that hybrid working has increased productivity, employee satisfaction and uniquely provided more opportunities for growth. For organizations to succeed they need to adopt a new working model and that is one that must include hybrid working. Below you will find reasons why hybrid working is the way forward for any business. 


Hybrid working comes with a lot of flexibility which may employees have capitalized on to feel more in control. This is not necessary a bad thing as it has had seen a rise in their levels of productivity. The main attraction behind hybrid working for employees is that they can choose the environment they wish to work in. This is great because that environment can push them to work harder and thrive a lot more. Employees are also a lot more satisfied working in an environment of their choice which leads to an improved work-life balance. 


Most businesses can save tremendous amounts of money by adopting hybrid working for their employees. It means that businesses do not have to spend on a big office space because a lot of the time their employees are working either from home or any other work conducive space. Businesses will have less expenses because when you own a big office space there are lots of other expenses like extra office supplies and upkeep.


The hybrid approach for businesses is great because it means that they can meet their sustainability goals. By helping save the planet they can gain better recognition and their brand can be associated with an even more positive image. 


It may sound strange that the relationships between employees can improve since there is little face-to-face communication. But through consistent collaborations via social platforms the employees are exposed to a healthy amount of team bonding. Employees working for an IT Support Company have described hybrid working as having a positive effect on their professional relationships. 


The pandemic has caused a lot of anxiety amongst employees worldwide which has taken a toll on their mental health. They constantly have health concerns about returning to the office. Hybrid working is a step in the right direction for employees because they can feel safer by choosing their own environment. Hybrid working is a great initiative as the overall wellbeing of employees has improved.

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