5 best skipping ropes for 2022, as tested by a personal trainer


FOR a workout that’s fun, smashes calories and can be done with minimum gear in a pretty small space, skipping tops the list.

That means it’s no surprise that millions of people are grabbing one of the best skipping ropes and joining the fitness trend that has become a social media craze.

This has meant the variety of skipping ropes available to buy is ever-growing too, and it’s definitely not money for old rope these days — you can choose from smart skipping ropes that do the counting for you, ropes with app-based workouts and weighted speed ropes.

However, that means It can get quite confusing to know which skipping rope to buy. But worry not — we’ve put a quintet to the test to find the best skipping ropes around.

The ropes were tested by personal trainer and writer Devinder Bains who has been skipping in her own workouts for ten years, whether it’s as a warm up before weights sessions, as part of boxing training or as a full-on skipping HIIT session to music in her back garden.

She also incorporates skipping into her client sessions on a regular basis, as in addition to being an excellent fat burner for those looking to slim down, skipping also improves fitness, stamina and coordination, strengthens bones and boosts both heart and mental health – there’s nothing that brings joy like dancing away with a rope to your favourite tunes!

And a final note – If you’re new to skipping, build up the amount of time spent jumping rope gradually. If you’re new to exercise or have had a recent injury consult your doctor before starting.

This skipping rope is all about getting the job done without all the bells and whistles — there’s no apps or counters but if you have a bit of skipping practice under your belt already, this is the perfect rope to go a bit faster or to master double-unders and tricks.

The lightweight nature of speed ropes is down to their construction — they’re made of super thin rope which is usually made of vinyl cord or braided steel cable which is then coated with plastic or similar for added protection (both for the rope and your bare legs).

Despite the plastic coating, speed ropes aren’t the most durable and are susceptible to wear and tear, which can cause kinks in the rope and make the swing less smooth. The good news is they are so cheap they can be easily replaced.

The wire-like nature of these ropes does increase the likelihood of them tangling during your workout (and afterwards in your kit bag) but this also makes the rope more flexible for doing tricks.

This flyaway element means speed ropes are generally better for seasoned jumpers rather than beginners, but of the speed ropes we trialled, the Smug rope was the sturdiest and the easy grip handles provided further stability, making this rope manageable for those starting out, too.

The length of the rope can be easily adjusted at the handles, so it’s also a good option for a rope to share within a household – making it even more cost effective.

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