5 Best Pokémon GO Hacks and How to Get Them


Pokémon GO is one of the most popular mobile games on the planet. The classic but simplistic catching mechanic of swiping to catch Pocket Monsters has been resonating with people across the globe since the game’s release in 2016.

The game successfully reached over one billion downloads in 2019 and took in $1.23 billion in 2020. Due to the popularity of Pokémon GO, many users have tried to find ways to hack it. . Here are 5 common Pokémon GO Hacks and how to get them. 

What Are Pokémon GO Hacks?

This article will cover the following hacks and cheats common in the game today:

  1. Spoofing
  2. Defeat Any Pokemon Gym
  3. The Level Up Pokemon GO Hack
  4. Creating Multiple Accounts
  5. Botting

Pokémon GO hacks allow users to accomplish various tasks within the game with minimal to no effort. Some of these hacks are so overpowered that they make you wonder what enjoyment someone could possibly get from playing the game with them. But nevertheless, they are widely used by many players today. Let’s learn more about each hack in detail below.


Spoofing is the most common and popular way to hack the game. Spoofing involves you hacking the game so that you can fake your location, making the game think you are in a different place. 

The benefits of changing your location include picking up exclusive Pokémon and finding creatures not otherwise found in your area, for example, region exclusives.

Spoofing is frowned upon by the Pokémon GO community and comes at the risk of permanent suspension, so spoof at your own discretion. Find out how to spoof using the handy tutorial below.

2.Defeat any Pokémon Gym 

A second commonplace Pokémon GO hack is the ability to cheat your way into defeating any team in a Pokémon Gym. To do this hack, you need three players. 

Firstly, you need to start a battle in a gym with three players. Next, the first two players need to drop out of the fight. The players then need to rejoin, with player one dropping out instantly, joining a new battle. All players then finish the match simultaneously, leading to the defeat of the Pokémon in the gym. 

This method is an effective way to overcome the most challenging of opponents in GO. Nevertheless, it may risk suspension because it is against the terms of service (like most hacks are).

3.The Level Up Pokémon GO Hack

The levelling up hack is a classic hack used by many players to level up your character and Pokémon fast. To do this, you need to catch a truckload of weak Pocket Monsters such as Caterpie, Pidgey and Weedle. 

Next, you need to use a lucky egg to earn double XP in 30 minutes. Once used, level up as many of the Caterpie, Pidgey and Weedle as possible until evolution, allowing you to max out your experience points and level up your character. 

This technique is helpful for new players starting with the game, allowing you to level up fast with minimum effort.

For more veteran players, it is still used but to a lesser extent. If you perform this hack properly, you can hit over 80 evolutions in 30 minutes, maximising your XP.

4.Creating Multiple Accounts

An overused but straightforward cheat is to create multiple accounts. Multiple accounts can be used in various ways to cheat throughout the game. Having many accounts can allow you to defeat gyms far easier and more quickly. 

Filling up a gym with your accounts means you can overpower opponents and gain complete control of a gym reasonably quickly. 

The hack is commonplace amongst fans but can risk you getting banned,

5.The Botting Pokémon GO Hack

Botting is also a popular hack used by players to cheat their way through the game. Botting involves you setting up bots that allow you to catch all nearby Pokémon within a particular area.

The bots catch Pokémon automatically, making you the laziest Pokémon trainer out there. Like spoofing and other hacks on this list, botting can get you banned from the game and effectively ruins the game’s enjoyment.

Final Thoughts 

As highlighted above, there are many Pokémon GO hacks. As with all hacks, use them at your own discretion. It is safe to say the Pokémon GO Community has GOtten somewhat creative with these hacks. 

However, despite their creativity, you should think twice before using these game-breaking hacks. It is best to enjoy the game how it was supposed to be appreciated and not to cheat. After all, to catch ’em all should be a real test. 

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